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Heartwarming / Overlord (2012)

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Even an undead overlord isn't immune to the wonder and innocence of a child.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

Volume 1
  • Demiurge explains to the other guardians that it'd be nice for Ainz to have an heir the guardians can pledge their loyalties to if he were to disappear like the guardians' creator. While Albedo and Shalltear debate which of them will be responsible for spawning it, Cocytus goes off on a tangent on how the kid'll ride on his shoulders and call him Uncle and...

Volume 3

  • Animated with a dash of awesome in episode 11. You can tell Albedo's love for Ainz/Momonga is genuine when she freaks out after Ainz thoughtlessly proclaims putting up a statue/golem of himself in Nazarick's treasure room (because the other Supreme Beings have statues there due to having abandoned YGGDRASIL). What makes this heartwarming is that when Ainz explains, in detail, why he has to be the one to fight Shalltear alone, Albedo asks him to promise to return safely, which he does and makes a truly awesome Badass Boast about it while Albedo cries Tender Tears.
  • After the titanic battle between Shalltear and Ainz comes to a close (with Ainz's victory due to being Crazy-Prepared), the first thing Ainz does after Shalltear is brought back to life is embrace her and apologizing and claiming that it was entirely his fault. For someone who's supposed to be an evil overlord, this was really one of the moments that reminds you that Ainz is still a human being with emotions and having been forced to kill one of his beloved subordinates that's like a daughter to him was enough for him to drop his act as a ruler.
    • Followed up after that, when Ainz sees his NPC guardians bickering with each other and he feels left out, Albedo offers him a hand as if she knows exactly what he needs to cheer him up. For all of her obsessive like behavior, it truly shows how much Albedo cares for Ainz and that she always wants him to be happy.

Volume 4

  • Days after his fight with Shalltear, Ainz asks Albedo how is she doing. Albedo says she is concerned with Shalltear's mental state, saying that she fell into depression because she saw her battle with Ainz an unforgivable sin. Albedo then suggest Ainz to punish her, not because she deserves it, but in order to make her guilt disappear. This is a very heartwarming moment of Albedo, that till then seemed only to show her kinder side towards Ainz alone, but in truth she cares for the other Floor Guardians.
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  • Even after Ainz admitting that Shalltear wasn´t at fault for the brainwashing, she still begs him to punish her. Ainz responds that he loves all those that are loyal to Nazarick, so why was she asking him to punish her for something she was not guilty of? Shalltear, Mare and Aura start crying and even Demiurge was rubbing the corner of his eyes.
  • After his defeat against the Lizardmen, Cocytus was expecting to be severely punished. Ainz, on the contrary, admits that defeat was the only possible outcome even if he himself was leading the attack. While Ainz might be an Evil Overlord, he is not like the usual ones that would severely punish those that have been defeated.
  • Cocytus begs Ainz to spare the Lizardmen and who is the Guardian that backs him up? Not Mare or Aura, but Demiurge of all people.

Volume 5

  • Sebas takes in an abused slave and cares for her tenderly, so much so that she cries Tears of Joy.

Volume 6

  • Tuare's decision to stay beside Sebas despite the fact that he tried to kill her due to orders from his master (Ainz). Hell, moments before Sebas attempted to strike her she smiled at him and closed her eyes, fully embracing her death and was content that if she was going to die, it would be by his hands.
  • After Tuare is allowed to live in Nazarick as an apprentice maid, Demiurge asks if Ainz knew Tuare due to his reaction to observing her when he first met her. Then, Ainz pulls out a book which entails the tragic story of Tuare and her younger sister (who turns out to be Ninya) and that Ainz must have felt compelled to let Tuare live in honor of her deceased sister.

Volume 7

  • Even though what happens after is very dark, Ainz's protectiveness towards his friends counts. Ainz wasn't angry that Foresight were lying to him; he was angry that they dragged one of his friends into the lie.

Volume 8

  • Enri gives the Goblin Troop new weapons as thanks for their hard work.
  • When Enri feels doubts about her new position as village leader, Nfirea reassures her that she'll do just fine.
  • Upon seeing the interior of Nazarick, Nemu immediately gushes about the interior design and praises Ainz Ooal Gown and his friends for their hard work. Ainz states to himself that there is one more human in Carne Village he considers worth protecting.
  • Nfirea confesses to Enri that he envies Ainz Ooal Gown, believing him to be better in every way. Enri's response? "Ainz isn't the kind of guy I'd fall for. You are."

Volume 9

  • At the very end of the volume, Ainz creates the Sorcerer Kingdom of Nazarick and subdues the Adventurer City, and in the eyes of the public, even the legendary hero Momon cannot stop him, instead becoming his vassal. Nobody expected however, what would follow after Ainz takes over; not tyranny, not death and destruction, no, what Ainz grants is one thing and one thing only: peace.

Volume 10

  • Ainz reveals that he spared the elven slaves that were with the workers on the fact that they weren't there of their own free will and had no intention of taking any treasure. The three now happily live with Aura and Mare and try to take care of the twins, acting as if the two Floor Guardians were children that needed nurturing.
  • Ainz acknowledging Pandora's Actor as his son despite his embarrassingly hammy nature. Even though Ainz told him that Ainz could not show favouritism to Pandora's Actor the latter is touched. Even the attending maid is moved to tears.

Volume 12

  • Neia's interaction with Ainz is quite adorable. One can say that she sees Ainz as a Parental Substitute.

Volume 13

  • After the Empire is vassalized, everybody is on their toes waiting for whatever mass sacrifice or other abominable action Ainz will demand. In fact, there's a grand total of two orders: establishing who's in charge (basically stating that the Nazaricks are top dogs, in case anyone was stupid enough not to notice), and send all death row prisoners to the Sorcerous Kingdom. And then they send one back, because it turns out he was innocent.
  • Jircniv's Odd Friendship with Riyuro, both having bonded over being lords of their people up until Ainz showed up (and fully expecting they'll get a new comrade in a similar situation any day now). It's also good to see how much better Jircniv is doing ever since the obsessive thoughts of how to guard against Ainz became unecessary: his stomach ulcers are gone, he's no longer losing his hair, and he now has the ultimate trump card to deal with complaints from lower-downs: "Take it up with Ainz".
  • Shizu and Neia quickly bond over their mutual worship of Ainz, to the point that Shizu (who normally doesn't care for humans, as she admits) puts one of her stickers on Neia to mark her as a "little sister" and junior Ainz worshiper, and promises to bring her back alive.

Volume 14

  • During Ainz and Zanac's conversation prior to the start of the decisive battle between the SK and the Kingdom (which the Kingdom is sure to lose due to the overwhelming difference in power), the two rulers actually find common ground. Ainz briefly lets his guard down and drops the Overlord act just to speak to Zanac like a person, revealing that all he really wants is to be happy and for his kingdom to be happy. Zanac leaves the meeting realizing that Ainz is more human than he thought.
    • When Ainz learns of Zanac's death at the hands of the latter's own traitorous subordinates, he has them sent to Neuronist so that they, along with their family members, may be tortured for eternity. He didn't need to do that, but to Ainz, Zanac was a good man who deserved better. It seems Zanac did one good thing before he passed; he brought out the humanity in Ainz.
  • Cocytus vs. Brain. Cocytus shows respect towards Brain as a warrior despite being so much more powerful than him. Brain greatly appreciates this and thinks that Cocytus has a heart, unlike Shaltear. Even after Cocytus effortlessly cuts Brain down, he still shows him respect. Cocytus thinks of Brain as the greatest warrior he has encountered so far in the New World, has the Frost Virgins preserve Brain's body, and takes Brain's katana as a trophy to honor him even though it's of no use to him. Cocytus also takes a detour to avoid stepping over Brain's body, unwittingly fulfilling Brain's goal for challenging him in the first place (protecting the street that held fond memories for Brain).

Web Novel

  • Unlike the Light Novel version, Arche survives, but becomes Shalltear's Sex Slave, which nearly breaks her entirely. However, Ainz then does something that absolutely stuns her: bringing her beloved younger sisters to Nazarick and granting the three of them food and security by being allowed to live on the 6th floor.

Pure Pure Pleiades

  • Ainz entrusts to the robot maid CZ2128 Delta a cat (actually Pandora’s Actor, who wants to get close to people) to care for. She falls in love with the cat and is pleased with it, going so far as to disarm a trap that threatens it. It becomes a Tear Jerker when she decides to give up the cat so that it won’t hamper her duties as a guardian.


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