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For such a flippant and occasionally dark-humoured comedy, there are quite a few good moments.

  • After it's revealed that Angela has broken up with Trent, Karen is first to give her a hug.
  • Jake lying to Karen about his bruises in Series 1 (he got them from being bullied). Borderline Tear Jerker but it's sweet he'll protect his little sister and stop his family worrying.
    Karen: (On seeing the bruise) What's that? Where did you get it?
    Jake: From uh, playing.
    Karen: Playing what?
    Jake: A big boys game. But let's not tell anyone... lets keep it as our little secret? 'kay?
    • Plus, he looks terrified when Karen starts questioning. The situation's really scaring him, but he just won't say anything.
  • The ending to "The Dinner Party". Come to it, any moment where the normally dysfunctional Brockmans act like a normal family is this.
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  • In "The Wedding" Pete and Jake's efforts to keep Sue apart from Angela. While a comic moment, it's adorable to see the father and son work together. And it shows how much they care about Sue.
    Pete: Well, maybe we can avoid a fight. Your mother seems to be on top of things.
    Jake: Yeah...yeah she does.
    Pete: They're walking towards each other.
    Jake: I'm on it.
  • Sue, Pete and Frank all sorting out the old people's home arrangements for Frank, who mercifully does not mind being sent in one at all.
  • Jake attempting to calm Pete after Karen has been hit by a car. Followed not long after by Ben's reaction of concern and Sue and Pete reconciling.
  • Pete attempting to help Jane out, despite all the problems she causes, in the first Christmas special.
  • Pete's mum telling him that she's proud of him after he reads the eulogy.
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  • Pete reflecting that, on balance, their Christmas has went well and made him feel a lot better about his family. Followed by them playing blind football.
  • Pete and Sue defending Karen from a passive aggressive classmate in the most subtle way, combined by them essentially forcing her out. Later, when Pete is talking to Karen he does his best to cheer her up.
  • The family, even Ben, playing with the baby.
  • Ben and Pete going camping together and having a genuinely good time. What's even better about the first of these is that Pete thought Ben would soon be disinterested in the whole father son thing, while Ben in fact worried that it would be the reverse.
    • From the same episode, Ben deciding to spare a rabbit and being unable to kill it.
      • And Ben confessing he thinks he's weird and is worried about being a teenager. Pete tells him he feels weird too and was unhappy as a teenager but - despite everything - likes where his life is at now.
        • And while that's going on, Sue calming Jake down from his panic about applying for uni, not getting a job, student loans and the euro-zone crisis, and helps him get his UCAS done (at the last minute, but still).
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  • When Angela calls Sue and Pete mediocrities for supposedly not letting Jake go on a gap year, he goes up to her and angrily defends them.
  • Karen's sheer joy over seeing Tommy the Hamster alive and well, giving Jake and Pete a massive hug.
  • The whole family reassuring Ben that Spartacus the Musical will go well. What's really surprising is when Karen of all people goes up to Ben and snaps him out of it. The look on his face when they turn out to be right is just fantastic.

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