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  • Piggot actually followed up on meting out punishment for those who caused Taylor to trigger, even before Miss Milita intended to, because she wanted to show her that they weren't all bad by the time she eventually revealed Sophia's identity. Even then, she didn't let Sophia get away unscathed.
    Piggot: Emma Barnes, Madison Clements, Blackwell, a good portion of Winslows old faculty? The security teams. I hard pushed all of these cases in the DA’s office and in civil suits to get them seen as fast as possible. Get some of them jail time or get the civil charges to land some decent paychecks that we can forward to the Heberts. I even called in a few favors and twisted some arms in the clerk’s office to get them seen before judges whose own children or relatives out of state that have had bullying or similar problems. All of this has been in preparation to mollify her when we eventually speak with her about the situation. To show her that we do have her best interest in mind even though we had to brand Sophia as a necessary evil and cut her a far more favorable deal than the others.
  • Glory Girl never once gives up on trying to free Taylor from Surtr's control in Arc 5. And when the battle is done, she has no problem visiting her, despite the risk she posed.
    • She mentions that Kid Win was keeping Dragon busy so she couldn't see them, but Taylor notes to herself that Dragon excels at multi-tasking. Dragon is simply allowing her to visit by looking the other way.
  • What was the reason that Eidolon and Alexandria helped non-lethally subdue Taylor in Act 5 when just killing her to stop Surtr would have been easier? Legend begged them to let him save Brocktown Bay, and Taylor in particular, from the crime they had purposely let run unchecked to use as a Thinker data-point. For the sake of Hero's memory. They do him one better, and join him in doing good for the sake of it, just like the old days.
    Eidolon nodded. “Stay back then.” He began to float down to ground level. “This will be over shortly.” Eidolon spoke, not turning towards the three. “We want to save her.” Legend repeated. “Keep it-“Non-fatal I know…” Victoria could almost see the smirk on his face through the back of his head. “We are heroes after all, right Legend?” She could see Legend’s smile. “Yeah.”
  • Dennis (Clockblocker) making an effort to talk with Emma. While he was trying to feel out what he should feel for her, given that she's terrified of everything and just about all of the Wards who were familiar with Taylor hated or disliked her, this small act of kindness was still a mercy.
    • He even takes the time to hang out with her during the clean-up while everyone else either avoids her or loathes her. She herself notes that she'd been practically starved for the attention and grateful for it.
  • Aisha drops by to visit Taylor in 6.2, brightening her day.
  • Emma keeps her mouth shut about the nightmares stemming from Taylor's powers because she doesn't want to trouble her further.
  • Weld's Be Yourself speech to Taylor. He doesn't try to to sugar-coat things, but he's straightforward and confident she'll come out of it better.
  • Eidolon's Heel Realization that he hasn't been really been following the spirit of what it means to be a hero.
  • In 8.7, Vicky doesn't blame Taylor for her death. It was her decision and she'd do it again to save her friend. Her words of encouragement finally gives Taylor the strength to go back.
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  • At the tail end of 8.7 Vendrick has a chat with Vicky as well, he commends Vicky, calls her deeds ones worthy of song, compares her friendship with Taylor to the one Raime and Velstadt once shared, and remarks that maybe this time he will do something to help preserve it, before bringing Vicky back to life.

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