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  • This video is a rare (but well-done) example of non-ironic usage of Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World".
  • The pony world is awesome.
  • Reminding each of us what it's all about.
  • This video, set to "Forever Young", fits this trope, even if it does omit the trumpet outro.
  • This Pinkie/Dash PMV set to to an old My Little Pony Tales song is awfully cute.
  • The Derpy & Dinky moments of this video follow the aforementioned rule of "Derpy & Dinky must be overwhelmingly cute".
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  • "Big Blue Wave" is yet another cute and peaceful PMV that makes you feel the love. Bonus points for using a song by Ashleigh Ball's (voice actress of Rainbow Dash/Applejack) band, Hey Ocean!
  • Spikero 2 created an amazing video of the fanart "Memories" (linked above), called "Memories: A Rainbow Dash 'Tail'". It has the same warm, nostalgic, sweet feeling as Life Is Beautiful only without nazis.
  • "When She Loved Me". You will shed tears. Manly Tears.
  • This.
  • This video certainly counts.
  • This tribute to the cast and creators.
  • This video featuring Fluttershy meeting her gender-swapped counterpart Butterscotch is ridiculously cute.
  • We Make a Perfect Team, an original song about Twilight and Spike, is one big ball of heartwarming.
  • What harmony has joined, let not discord tear asunder. Whatever travails may come, know that you are not alone.
  • A wonderfully written vid for the brony inside us.
  • This wonderful mash-up between the mane six's cutie mark stories, and The Rainbow Connection.
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  • Find A Pet- Filly Version. It's as adorable as you'd expect.
  • This Christmas flash from the creator of the ever adorable Ask Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie blog.
  • Episode 4 of the "Doctor Whooves and Assistant" has a quite touching version of the "Winter Wrap-Up" song with Ditzy Doo teaching the Doctor to do the Winter Wrap-Up.
  • This video, featuring a young Discord, young Celestia, and "Heaven's Light." Bring a few tissues.
  • While also a Tear Jerker, this flash animation ends on a touching note. Trixie, having finally snapped under the pressure of hitting rock bottom and losing everything, runs outside in tears, trips and knocks herself out. A pony implied to be Luna finds her and tucks her into bed, leaving a large sum of money for her along with a note reading "You are not alone" signed "Your #1 Fan". Even more touching when you think why Luna would do something like that, given her background, she knows exactly how Trixie feels to feel like she's all alone.
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  • The last quote on this selection of Derpy voice clips. Dinky asks Derpy if she still can't eat muffins, Derpy tells her of course she can. Dinky is overjoyed to hear her mother back to normal, presumably after her Discording.
  • Rainbow Dash's new love of reading expressed by the perfect song.
  • A game you'll be happy to lose.
  • As if 'Smile Smile Smile' couldn't get more heartwarming. Pinkie Pie and Bubble Berry make a wonderful duet.
    Philsterman: Nopony deserves to be sad. So think of the happiest thing you can. And smile!
  • This will make you weep from all the heartwarming.
  • This music video with Zecora singing "Dig a Little Deeper". The segment directed at Spike fits particularly well in context of the show. The last verse directed at Twilight is less applicable, but the clips chosen makes it heartwarming nevertheless.
  • The Fluttershy edition of My Little Pony in Thinking with Portals, which features her trying to use the Portal Gun in hopes of staying over with one of her friends during a stormy night, with Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash showing up at Fluttershy's home (via Rarity's custom Portal Gun) near the end after Fluttershy discovers that they're not at home.
  • This Shining Armor/Princess Cadance PMV, set to "Far Longer Than Forever".
  • The Massive Smile Project. All the best brony musicians got together and made this and it was beautiful. The best part? It's part of a charity drive.
  • You're not alone.
  • If you thought Luna's Cutie Mark cant get cuter, now it's animated.
  • The Stinger to Ponies: The Anthology II, which sets numerous heartwarming moments (and other scenes of friendship) from the show to the theme to The Golden Girls.
  • The entirety of Daddy Discord, a song/PMV based on the WMG that Screwball was created by Discord/views him as her father. Even Evil Has Loved Ones...
    • Until the end, where Screwball manages to break Discord out of his stone prison. Which would make it cute if it weren't for what Discord does immediately afterward.
  • MandoPony's With A Sister is about Applejack explaining what being a sister is all about to Rarity. And here's the EileMonty cover where it's sung in the voice of Applejack.
  • MandoPony's song for Zecora, Home, is a heartwarming tale of Zecora moving from one place to another in search of a place she could call home, and eventually finding it with a little help from "a little one with a pretty bow in her hair". Made doubly heartwarming by the fact that the song is also about Mando himself, from his moving around a lot to befriending Michelle Creber, the VA of said little one.
  • Bronies 2012 - We made it is a Moment of Awesome and Heartwarming Moments. People thought the brony fandom was going to die out in 2012. But, we made it!
  • This fan animation titled "Derpy's Christmas". Just try to make it through without smiling, I dare you.
  • This YouTube video of Filly Derpy, appropriately named "DIABETUS.FLV".
  • Feeling bad? This video of ponies sliding into a box will make you feel better.
  • This beautiful PMV of Owl City's equally beautiful song Vanilla Twilight, featuring... well, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia.
  • If you don't think PinkieShy shipping is cute, then this adorable video will make you die from Cuteness Overload.
  • This video, made in honor of Tara Strong's birthday.
  • This song, titled "Great to be Different" becomes all the more sweet when you learn about its backstory—the creator, while selling paintings at Bronycon, left his booth for a while to look at the others and came back to find a plain old letter on his table. What did that letter say? It simply said, "It's great to be different! Love, Derpy." That letter is the most prized possession he took home from Bronycon, and the message it had stuck with him ever since, which led up to this song. And as the song proves, it IS great to be different.
  • How do you turn an originally villainous and chilly song into an heartwarming one? By having Princess Luna sing it to orphanage foals, bringing them with her and flying away with them into the night and a hopeful future.
  • Snowdrop is an amazing video about a blind filly and her gift to the Princesses. It's absolutely adorable and heartwarming.
  • In the YouTube video The Joker Meets My Little Pony, it's touching that Batman beats the crap out of The Joker after he threw Applebloom into a garbage can and made her cry. Especially at the end where Batman and Applebloom say their farewells, with Applebloom stating that even though they just met, she'll miss him. Batman then smiles at her and pets her.
  • The ponified video for the 80's Spanish song Hijo de la Luna by Mecano, despite being a generally Tear Jerker song has a rather heartwarming ending. Luna adopts the newborn colt as her son and uses the moon itself to cradle him to sleep.
  • Derpy's Toy starts out as a bit of a tearjerker, but by the end becomes one massive ball of heartwarming.
  • A beautiful semi-animated PMV tells the simple but heartwarming story of Scoots and RD.
  • Leaving You is a short and simple animation about Angel Bunny preparing to leave Ponyville. Fluttershy finds a letter written by him and rushes to find him, even though the train that Angel had boarded had left the station. She eventually finds him, making for a very heartwarming ending in what would otherwise be a massive Tearjerker.
  • Lyra's Gift is an all-around adorable video to begin with, but the crowner is when Lyra decides to put the scarf she's wanted aside to get her Bratty Half-Pint coworker the violin she wants.


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