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Heartwarming / Osana Reimu

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Osana Reimu

  • Rumia and Reimu's friendship
  • Reimu making friends with Marisa
  • Reimu seeing her mother's face for the first time.
  • Mixed with a Tear Jerker, Yukari comforting Reimu after her mother's death


  • Mixing with Tear Jerker, Rinnosuke visits the grave of Reimu's mother. Even though his memories were erased by Yukari, he somehow remembers her.
  • After recalling her memories with Rumia, Reimu resolves to go forth and calm her childhood friend, only for Marisa to tackle her and demand they get moving. Upon being told the incident only concerns the Hakurei Miko, Marisa at first tries to use their rivalry as her motive, but then we get this:
    "Also... we're friends, right?"
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  • Yukari, her strength almost completely depleted from sealing Rumia's ball of darkness (a seal that is quickly failing) and her emotional state shattered after a heart-to-heart with Reimu about what her mother did for Rumia, simply collapses inside one of her trains and seemingly lets the frothing darkness consume her... only to wake up outside the death zone with a weeping, supremely relieved Chen crushed into her chest. Ran, having pulled her master away from danger, chides Yukari on ruining their original plan to destroy Rumia, and for shouldering all the burdens of Gensokyo alone. But the kinship between the trio that dominates nearly all Yakumo-centric fanworks quickly shines through.
    Ran: (gently holds Yukari's hands in her own) Please... have a bit more faith in us. We are your shikigami. (Beat) And we are also your family.
    Yukari: (looks down at Chen, then smiles) You're right.
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  • Right at the beginning of Reimu and Rumia's first round, Reimu tricks Rumia with a legion of ofuda clones, and has her dead to rights with a handful of sealing needles - needles that, if Rumia's silent horror is any indication, were lethal - but then she remembers a happy moment with Kid!Ruima, and her killing resolve vanishes, the needles breaking down inches from Rumia's face. She refuses to make another killing blow for the rest of the fight - even with Gensokyo hanging in the balance, Reimu refuses to harm her friend. Rumia has the same problem, only attacking the ofuda clones with genuinely lethal force because she cannot bring herself to hurt her best friend's child.
  • Reimu's motivation for violating the natural law with Fantasy Nature to bring Rumia back from the dead: she refuses to let her childhood friend leave her, to hell with what Eiki or anyone else on the other side of the Sanzu thinks of it.
    Reimu: I'm tired of being alone... You're not allowed to disappear, anymore.

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