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Heartwarming / Oracle of Tao

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  • Most of the character's romantic sidequests are based loosely on the character's likes and dislikes (a bookworm doesn't spend much time in a bar for instance), but one of these really stands out. Elias has a sidequest that involves solving a Moon Logic Puzzle based on using just the capital letters of the paragraph. The puzzle says something along the lines of "tell me, what color is your lover's eyes?" Brown. All this is followed by a more conventionally romantic sunset.
    • Speaking of sunsets... the one shared between Nevras and Ambrosia is pretty good.
  • Final ending of the game, if you choose to walk away, you get to see Ambrosia become a grandma. And then after a long, and satisfying life with Nevras, they die in each other's arms. Followed by a Heaven of Eternal Love.
    • Even the bad ending is kinda cute. Despite becoming completely Axe-Crazy, has her refuse to get rid of her husband and child despite being a psychotic maniac (it's better in context). At least, until she forgets who they are.
  • The ending of the story "The Bloody Pet Shovel" is a pretty good candidate for Heartwarming Moments.

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