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Heartwarming / Operation GEAR

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  • Matt and Nekou share some very heartwarming interactions throughout the week of events chronicled in "Father." It starts when Nekou rests her head on his shoulder and asks him to tell her more about himself after finding a fairy tale in his book collection that aroused her curiosity. Later, she sneaks into his bed as she had done in the past, only this time it's because she had a nightmare that traumatized her. Their ensuing conversation leads to Matt offering to stay with her, itself setting off a heartfelt exchange about how strongly they identify with each other and how Matt won't leave her alone. That in turn later leads Nekou to have an outburst at him when he implies he wishes to die when his task is complete, which sees her desperately begging him to live so their promises they made each other can be kept. This finally gets through to him and gets him to all but admit feelings for her.
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  • Silva's Mimikyu using crayons to draw a picture of him, Looker and Mitsumi.

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