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Heartwarming / Ōkami-san

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  • In Episode 3 when Otohime hugs Taro after finding out that he was the only one that voted for her in the Beauty Contest.
  • The scene in Episode 6, when Ringo is tearfully trying to convince Ryoko that she would never betray her.
  • Another Otohime/Taro moment. Surrounded by gushing bikini clad beauties, Taro is momentarily dazed and overcome by his love for women. Otohime is, of course, devastated. Until Taro (let's just repeat for extra emphasis, Taro) shrugs off the sea of women, cool as you please, to reach out to Otohime with a smile on his face.
    Otohime: If Taro doesn't love me like he used to, then I don't have anything left to live for anyway. They can kill me...
    Taro: That'd be a waste of the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You know I never mean to make you worry, my sweet.
    Otohime: Oh my, Taro!
    Goon: I thought these chicks were gonna break him!
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  • After the exhausting events of Episode 11, Alice falls asleep on the office couch. Cue Liszt covering her with a blanket, smiling. But that's not the crowning moment. Remember how Liszt calls everyone with the suffix 'kun'?
    Lizst: Goodnight, Alice-chan. Sweet dreams.
  • The mere fact that Alice calls Liszt 'Rikkun' (or Liszty, if you're watching the dub) when they're alone.


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