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As much as there tear jerking moments in this series, there's also plenty of heartwarming moments as well. Here are some:

  • Seeing Junko's friends Hayashida and Kiryuu tearfully apologize for their coldness towards her when she asked them for help, and in the finale, they're all laughing together again.
  • This line spoke by Kaoru, in the manga: "The weight of an instant, how much we cherish each moment...That's no different for me than it is for you!"
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  • Rei asking Nanako to see the sunset with her.
  • In between all of the drama surrounding Rei's death, in the anime we get a small breather in regards to Fukiko and Nanako's meeting in Rei's apartment, which is less melodramatic than the rest of the episode but still quite a welcome addition.
    • Made more heartwarming when you recall not too much earlier Fukiko nearly assaulted Nanako to prevent her from seeing Rei. The two share a moment that is a cross between heartwarming and tearjerker when Fukiko comforts Nanako.
  • Episode 37, in which Professor Misonou explains to Nanako the deal with Takehiko being his estranged son (after Kaoru blurts it out thinking that Nanako knew it ), and apologizes to her. Nanako forgives him, then goes to Takehiko to tell her that she knows their true bond now, and asks him again to be her "Oniisama". Takehiko says yes and they go out for coffee under the rain, with Nanako mock-tsun tsun-ing at him, and later is shown writing more letters letter to him. And in the end, after a date with Kaoru, Takehiko speaks to Prof. Misonou and they start rekindling their relationship, So Proud of You included.
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  • Mariko's Cry Cute moment after it's shown how worried she was for Kaoru after she has an Ill Girl lapse. Kaoru then realizes it and thanks Mariko for her support.
  • Mariko and Aya mending their broken friendship following Aya's thwarted Attempted Suicide.
  • Also, when in chapter 17 of the manga Mariko returns to Seiran after the attack on Aya and the disappearance of the Sorority, and many girls rush to welcome her back to school.
  • From the manga, Rei says this after Nanako reaffirms her feelings for her, and they kiss in the rain. Turns into an instant tearjerker when Rei later commits suicide, as it's the closest she ever gets to making a recovery.
    Rei: I would close my eyes, and when I opened them, it felt like you were there. On days when I couldn't see you, it was as though that precious, half-remembered phrase was buried in the depths of my heart all day. That phrase was so precious to me, and yet... It was what my mother and I would say to each other every morning. I just remembered..."Good morning!".

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