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Heartwarming / One Foot Another Multiverse SI

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  • When Medusa loses some of her memories in the depths of Poe's soul, via the physical representation of them as bookcases falling down onto the ground, Poe helps push the shelves back into place and return the books to their proper locations on them.
  • After falling into the South Pole's sea and suffering a sensory overload from his new Ultimate Eye, Medusa shows legitimate concern about Poe's well-being.
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  • Zuko revealing his identity in order to get the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation mooks, and the Gaang to work together in order to stop Zhao putting his desire to capture the Avatar over protecting the balance. It shows that even with Poe and Analay messing Zuko's Character Development up, the man who can reform the Fire Nation still exists underneath his bitterness and rage.
  • The Gaang admiting that they see Poe as a true friend, no matter how poisonous he is, and accept him Warts and All. It's a shame Poe never found out that people actually liked him and will worry about him before he got dragged off to the next world.
  • As screwed up as this sounds, Poe telling Koh that he'll kill him even if saving Medusa is impossible because it's what someone like Medusa would want and out of respect for her.
  • Medusa trusting Poe to save her. After being taken by Koh the first thing she said was that Poe would burn Koh for that transgression. The mere fact that someone had actual faith in Poe speaks volumes of the trust between them, no matter how screwed up.
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  • All of Chapter 138. After a bad run in with SCP-1529 that sends Poe into a Heroic BSoD where he admits that he knows he's loser for the first time in the story the former-villains in Poe's soul show compassion for another living being. Medusa's being the standout example hugging Poe and gives him a sincere rousing speech.
    Medusa:“A loser wouldn’t have traveled through several worlds, gotten his ass handed to him, and keep getting up. People win and lose all the time, so stop making excuses and stop beating yourself up over nothing.You have other powers, so use them. You have friends, both in and out of your head. Talk with them. If you need help, we’re always there to help you. If you’re scared, we will never leave you. Goddamn it, Ars. Half of the spirits here are you! How can you abandon yourself?”

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