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Heartwarming / On Strange Wings

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On Strange Wings

  • Chapter 3: Ragna goes to comfort Tsubaki after the Jin episode, ending with Tsubaki giving him a hug and saying he's "actually pretty nice"
  • Chapter 5: Tsubaki vowing to stay at Ragna's side until the very end, even if it cost her life
  • Chapter 9: The beginning of Ragna and Tsubaki's talk, with Tsubaki assuring him that she will stay with him even after the revelation that he's the Black Beast

At Fate's Hands

  • Chapter 8: Bang finally confronting Litchi after her Face–Heel Turn. There's no accusation, there's no jealousy, there's just Bang asking what's wrong, and finally promising to help her, allegiance be damned, all despite Tenshin's early misgivings. And he gets a genuinely sweet hug from Litchi as thanks.
    • Shortly after, in chapter 9, Litchi offering to help and patch up a wounded Jin, despite Jin's protests that he's a Jerkass to her in the past.
  • Chapter 15: Jin reading Noel's poetry
  • Chapter 17: Gesshoku using his power to place Tsubaki under house arrest rather than sending her to trial, with the promise that he'll protect her as she's his lone daughter

Side materials

  • The end of Night Of The First Day

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