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Heartwarming / Oh Rhonda

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This article contains all the heartwarming moments in the story, 'Oh Rhonda' thus far. WARNING: Some of these heartwarming moments may contain major spoilers!

Warning: Unmarked spoilers

  • The moment in Chapter 33 with Rhonda and Olga. After learning about Olga's family and a little tragic backstory behind why Olga in this version isn out of town, Rhonda gave Olga a lot of comfort, even saying that she wouldn't mind if she acted like a little sister figure to Olga.]]
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  • Any moment with Arnold and Rhonda, whenever they get together.
  • Rhonda, Nadine and Phoebe's friendship trio.
  • Arnold is still his usual nice-guy self as in-canon. He's even concerned for Rhonda whenever she gets upset or is concerned on whether she could handle a school project together, like the Biosquare project.
  • In later chapters, Rhonda had learned that Arnold has feelings for Rhonda too.

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