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  • One of the few heartwarming moments in this movie: Tom tries to kill himself after being fired, but seeing his wife gives him a new desire to live. And then he gets hit by a drunk driver, but hey, he lives! Albeit with multiple limbs broken, but at least he's got a nice, fat settlement!
    • It's a combo heartwarming and funny that Tom finally has the prototype for his "Jump to Conclusions Mat".
  • After Peter accepts the consequences of his actions he admits to Joanna that even if he can't be happy with his job, he can be happy with his life as long as she's part of it. Awwww.
    • Along similar lines, Peter's protective of his friendship with Samir and Michael. He's the one who got a raise, but still puts himself on the line to try to get money for them. When they screw it up, Peter's also willing to take all the responsibility to get them off the hook.
  • Peter picking up the remains of the vaunted red Swingline in the post-fire salvage scene also arguably qualifies.
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  • Hell, just the fact that Peter has a construction job at the end of the movie that he genuinely, honestly seems to enjoy.

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