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Heartwarming / Of Love and Bunnies

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  • For readers who remember the Tear Jerker result of Wes and Jen's romance, the fact that they end up reunited feels so right.
  • The fact that Angel Grove citizens, when a fountain breaks, immediately start working in a way that would make most disaster-preparedness teams cry manly tears of joy. Evacuating the elderly and inferm, working to set up barriers so the water doesn't get everywhere, working to unclog the drain... Angel Grove really took a beating under the first six or so seasons of Power Rangers, but no one can ever say that their spirit suffered for it.
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  • Former Big Bad Karone is at the autograph table with the rest of the public-identity Power Rangers, and an old lady walks up to her and simply says "I forgive you". Karone, extremely apologetic and grateful, is brought close to tears and hugs her.

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