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Heartwarming / Octopussy

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The Short Story:

  • The fact that It's Personal for Bond makes it interesting enough, but if you've read By Royal Command and learned just how lovely a man Hannes Oberhauser was, and what he did for young James, it's even more powerful.

The Film:

  • It's a very small moment when measured against all of his crimes, but Khan is quick to offer Magda a robe after she has to strip down to her underwear while stealing Bond's Faberge egg.
  • Octopussy's protectiveness of Bond for allowing her father to take the honorable way out.
  • When Bond realises General Orlov's plan, he visibly gets angry at the prospect of Orlov's scheme killing thousands of innocent people. For a man who is usually known for his womanising and killing, this shows a nicer side to Bond.
    • You also see this earlier after James out-cheats Kamal and wins quite the sum of money. He gives a good stack of it away to an employee at the club. Later, when he's being chased, he throws the rest of it to the people. Part of it's to provide an escape, but it's plain to see he doesn't really care about losing it.
    James: *smiling* Easy come, easy go!
  • It's always nice when Bond shows some emotion at a comrade's death:
    • Following Vijay's death, when another character blithely declares "No problem" (Vijay's Catchphrase) Bond winces, clearly thinking of him.
    • After killing one of the knife-throwing twins, Bond angrily declares, "And that's for 009!"
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  • When Octopussy confronts Khan in the climax, rather than just dwell on his betrayal of her, she condemns him for being willing to kill thousands of innocent people.