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  • Any time that Eve and Tsuin talk, you can be guaranteed that it'll be adorable.
Tsuin: [concerned] "Promise me you won't be a martyr, Eve. Promise me."
Eve: "...I promise."

  • Similarly, Ari and Aegis's interactions are also heartwarming.

Ari: [passionately] "Trust me, Aegis, you ain't useless. That's why you're not gonna die here, and we're gonna get out of here alive."

  • Grey and Eve. Pick a free time event, any event, and it will definitely be both heartwarming and soul-crushingly sad.

Grey: "I don't want to fucking die in this place, not here... I promise you, we'll both make it out of here together, no matter what."
Eve: "...Thank you, Grey..."
[The two hug, both crying.]

  • The big hugging scene after the first betrayal. Even Tsuin seems pretty happy about it.

  • Last Words timeline, Chapter 5, between Dead!Grey and Eve. After the truth about Eve's 'mirror' talent is revealed, Grey flips the fuck out and threatens to kill himself. Then Eve tells him that she still trusts him.
Eve:: "My name is Mitsuki Kagami. I am the daughter and successor to a ruthless mafia family. I can create a perfect ideal personality depending on who I am dealing with. And... I also put complete faith in a boy I met while playing the Nonary Game."
Grey: "...You... really trusted me?"
  • Last Words Timeline. After Ari gets his tarot reading for Asteria Tsuin gets hers. And Ari and Tsuin have a civil conversation about leadership and they apologize to one another. Which may not seem like much but they've been at one another's throats since the first chapter.
    • YMMV since about a chapter or two later Ari attempts to kill Tsuin. Makes the moment move towards more of a tearjerker.

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  • Tsuin and Atlas kiss in Chapter 7. And it's adorable.

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