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Heartwarming / Nine Lives (2016)

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  • Despite Tom treating his son poorly at the beginning, as the film progresses we see that they did care for each other.
    • Adding on to that, Tom sacrificing his chance at turning human again to try and save his son from jumping off the building.
      • Even better, Tom sacrificing his life for the same.
  • In general, once Tom comes to terms with being a cat, he really does his best to help his family in his current form.
  • Tom showing his Papa Wolf side when Rebecca's friend stabs her in the back, trying to text a picture of her crying to half the class before Tom knocks it out of her hand and manages to show it to Rebecca.
    Rebecca: Good work, but why'd you grab her phone?
    Tom: Because I'm your daddy.
    • Similarly, when Rebecca finds out that Tom's a cat and they share a dance from when she was younger.

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