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Beware of unmarked spoilers.

Secret Vampire

  • James is appalled at the idea of feeding off Childhood Friend Poppy, showing that he never once thought of her as an blood bag and genuinely cared for her. Aww...
  • Phil is clearly unnerved after Poppy becomes a vampire and even somewhat disgusted by her need for blood. However, he then states that in spite of all this "he loved her anyway".
  • When James and Poppy finally admit their feelings to each other and James tells her:
"You don't love somebody because of their looks or their clothes or their car. You love them because they sing a song that nobody but you can understand."
  • Despite having only just met her, when Thea sees Poppy is starving for blood she offers to give her some of her blood, sitting her down and reassuring her it's fine. Considering the rough couple of weeks Poppy has had, she's very touched by Thea's kindness. She also thinks it's nice to be able to feed in a polite and civilized manner with the other person's consent, rather than hypnotising unwitting people.
  • Poppy and James realizing that because she was originally a lost witch, she isn't a renegade vampire after all and they can be together openly. Poppy orders James to pull their car over because she wants to kiss him...and he obliges.
  • At the end of the novel, Poppy sneaks into her mother's bedroom as she sleeps and uses telepathy to tell her that although she knows she doesn't believe in spirits and whatnot, she wants her to know she's safe and happy now, that she doesn't have to worry about her anymore and that she loves her. As Poppy prepares to leave, she notices her mother is now smiling. Doubles as a Tearjerker.

Daughters of Darkness


  • Thea going out of her way to comfort Eric's little sister Roz when she's upset over not being allowed to join the Boy Scouts and hating being a girl. She tells her the story of Hellewise and how she was a strong and powerful woman who saved her tribe, and that being a girl isn't such a bad thing.
  • Although it's due to a misunderstanding, Eric and his mother assuring Thea that if she ever needs a place to stay if she can't live with her grandmother anymore, she will always be welcome at their home.
  • When they're brought before the Inner Circle for using forbidden spells, Thea makes little effort to defend herself but ascertains that Dani had nothing to do with it and she acted alone so she won't be unfairly punished.
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  • As she's trying to perform the ritual to send Suzanne's ghost back to the afterlife, Thea orders Eric to leave for his own safety, even resorting to screaming at him that he's a "stupid human" and she doesn't need him. Eric makes it clear he knows exactly what she's trying to do and refuses to leave her side.
  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome, Eric standing up to the Inner Circle and declaring that he loves Thea no matter what she is and that he thinks the Night World laws saying they can't be together are stupid. And it seems that most of the Inner Circle agrees.
  • Blaise switching out the Cup of Lethe with iced tea, purely so that Thea can keep her memories and thus her powers and be with Eric. After all the crap Blaise has pulled, in the end she chooses to do something that doesn’t benefit her in any way purely to make Thea happy. She and Thea finally reconcile and for the first time, we see Blaise as vulnerable, nearly crying as she bids goodbye to her 'sister'.
  • Aradia knows what Blaise has done with the Cup of Lethe, but doesn't snitch on them and even gives Blaise and Thea time to say goodbye. For that matter, it's possible the rest of the Inner Circle suspects it as well, but they say nothing. When Eric figures out what Blaise did, he's ecstatic, cheering loudly before turning to Thea and saying "I love you, witch".

Dark Angel

  • The Ending to Dark Angel.

The Chosen

  • Five year old Rashel's protectiveness over Timmy. Even though she's only slightly older, she still looks out for him and makes sure he hasn't gotten lost or is being picked on by older kids.
  • When Rashel starts screaming that the vampire chasing her "tried to touch [her]" in a desperate attempt to escape, several people stop and stare. Then a burly Marine, who reminds Rashel of her late father, comes storming over to confront the guy and protect her. This prompts other people to crowd around as well. The vampire gets away, but the fact they were willing to band together to protect a little girl is still touching.
  • After saving Daphne, Rashel takes her to get food and hot chocolate and patiently listens to her whole ordeal. It's especially heartwarming considering that Daphne is a pretty lonely girl with poor self-esteem who gets ignored by her family, and Rashel actually bothers to sit down and talk to her, also praising her for her courage and ingenuity in escaping the vampires.
  • Following her fight with Rudi the werewolf mook, Rashel realises that the kidnapped girls she'd been rescuing didn't run as she ordered them. They stayed nearby and armed themselves with anything they could get their hands on, ready to come protect her from the werewolf. Rashel is both surprised and very moved they were willing to come to her aid, especially considered many of them are young teenagers who have been through a horrifying ordeal.
  • Rashel and Quinn realizing they're soulmates and also learning the extent of their Dark and Troubled Pasts. They both express how sorry they are that this happened and also realize they don't have to suffer alone anymore or hold onto their hatred. They can be better than this and they can do it together.
  • Rashel saves a now-vampirised and crazy Timmy from the burning mansion, even as he hits and claws her, screaming that he hates her. When they finally get outside, Timmy demands to know why she took him out and Rashel simply says "Because my mom told me to look after you." Doubles as Tearjerker, especially when Timmy stops fighting and just bursts into tears.
  • Quinn risking his own life to save Nyala from the fire.


  • Hana's attempts to help Thierry. Although he's seen as a monster by most of her tribe, she sees a man in pain who doesn't want to hurt anyone and persuades the hunters to spare him, then tries to release him and send him on his way so both Thierry and her people will be safe, offering him food and water. Upon realizing that Thierry can't drink anything but blood, she even offers her own despite her fear, nearly moving Thierry to tears at her kindness.
  • After Thierry inadvertently slaughters almost all Hana's tribe and fatally drains her, what does Hana do? She forgives him. She knows he doesn't want to be this way and her Last Request is that he swear to her he will never kill again. Thierry keeps this promise...for thousands of years.
  • Hellewise never judges or condemns Thierry for his terrible actions or for being a 'monster'. Instead she willingly listens to him when he comes to her for help and does everything she can to help him, also vowing to stop Maya for what she has done to him and others.
  • When Thierry and Ha-nahkt meet in her second life, Thierry tells her that although he loves her, he doesn't want her to leave her life at the Temple of Isis or endanger her for breaking the rules, so he will wait to be with her in the next life.
  • Chess' Undying Loyalty to Hannah (which has lasted over several lifetimes) and declaration that they should be best friends forever, not realizing just how true that statement is. She's willing to follow her to Vegas even though she has no idea what Hannah's up to, while Hannah insists on going alone to protect Chess.
  • The ending. Thierry offers to complete Hannah's transformation into a vampire, but she decides she wants to stay human. Thierry is happy with whatever decision she makes as it's who she is that he loves. Hannah dreams about becoming a paleontologist and helping Thierry with Circle Daybreak, which is now actually possible because the threat of Maya is gone for good. For the first time in any of her lives, Hannah gets to watch the sunrise of her seventeenth birthday with her soulmate at her side.


  • The fact that Jez's uncle Bracken willingly raised her and loved her even knowing that she was a dhampir and could put him at great risk. It's also implied that he may have known his brother broke the laws of the Night World and married a human, but he never turned him in. In fact, he gets mad at Jez when she calls herself "vermin", thereby insinuating her late mother was also vermin, snapping "Your mother was a good woman. Your father risked everything to be with her. She wasn't vermin." By extension, he means that Jez herself isn't vermin either.
  • Even though they've had no contact for over a decade until she just turned up on their doorstep, Jez's maternal uncle Jim and his wife Nanami willingly take in her and accept her into the family, giving her own room and a fair bit of leeway so she'll feel welcome.
  • Hugh Davis. After losing his entire family and nearly being killed himself in a werewolf attack, his response was to go looking for other Night People, because he believed not all of them were bloodthirsty monsters. When he meets Jez, who used to despise humans and hunted them for sport, he would have every reason to hate her. He doesn't. He accepts her completely and even defends her to the rest of Circle Daybreak who distrust her, saying that it's what she does now that matters, not who she was before her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Morgead has never liked humans any more than Jez used to. But when she confesses that she's actually a Half-Human Hybrid, he declares that he loves her no matter what she is. At the end of the novel, he even affectionately refers to her as a "human".

Black Dawn

  • Maggie's repeated refusals to abandon Cady/Aradia. She has never met this girl before and she is indeed a burden to her, but Maggie won't even consider leaving her and repeatedly puts herself at risk to help and protect her.
  • When P.J is telling Maggie how she was kidnapped by the slavers on Halloween and that she was dressed as a golfer, Maggie gently tells her she's sure she made a great golfer.
  • Delos saving Maggie from Bern, getting her water and showing her a hiding place. Even though he acts like a complete jerk to her the whole time, it becomes painfully obvious he genuinely cares and wants to help.
  • The sheer fact that despite being stuck in one of the worst places imaginable and surrounded by selfish and/or cynical people, Maggie remains stubbornly compassionate and optimistic throughout the novel.


  • When Galen rewrites the note left with Keller when she was abandoned.
    People die . . . so love them every day. Beauty fades . . . so look before it's gone. Love changes . . . but not the love you give. And if you love, you'll never be alone.
  • Galen accidentally brushes his hand against Keller while she's in her panther form and tries to avoid touching her from then on. She assumes it's because he finds her repulsive. It's not. He later admits he finds her beautiful and was trying to resist the urge to stroke her, because he didn't think she'd want him to touch her.
  • Galen talks with Keller about choosing a more peaceful animal to transform into, as he doesn't like violence, and he dreams if being a bird so he can fly. However, during the climax, Galen sees Keller and the rest of the group struggling against Azhdeha, so he reaches out and touches Keller, transforming into a leopard, the same animal as her, in order to protect them.


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