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Heartwarming / Nick Spencer's Spider-Man

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  • Black Cat admitting that her Face–Heel Turn wasn't all the result of Doctor Octopus as Spider-Man hurting her, but that it had started a long time ago. She tearfully tells Spider-Man that she knows they used to be very, very close, but she doesn't know his name or what his face looks like under the mask. Peter comes clean about the events of One More Day/Brand New Day, takes off his mask and tells Cat his name. Then, when he gets to MJ's, he explains to her what had happened and that he did it to reconnect with and support Felicia as a friend and nothing more, and MJ is not jealous in the slightest, understanding that Peter's a good influence and Felicia and Peter needs someone like Felicia to share his superhero life with. And the reason MJ is so cool with this? At the Lookups meeting, she shared her fears that she wasn't good enough for Peter, that he needed someone in his life who could share in all of it, superheroics included, someone he could form a Battle Couple with (intercut with panels of Spider-Man and Black Cat thrashing the Thieves' Guild), but Jarvis (who runs the group) assured MJ that the normalcy and grounding she provides is just as, if not more, valuable.

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