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Heartwarming / New Pokémon Snap

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  • Lapras protects other Pokémon in the water stages. It scares Sharpedo into leaving Squirtle alone and Squirtle rides off on Lapras’ back.
  • The Kangaskhan in Sweltering Sands will sometimes give a thrown fruit to her baby when it's clear you're not a threat. In the oasis at night, she'll lift the joey out of the pouch to play with one of the Minior you may have freed along the way. In the Barren Badlands, a Diglett can even be coaxed into happily interacting with a Kangaskhan's baby at night.
  • The Illumina Pokémon Meganium has a lot of sweet interactions with the other Pokémon in his stage, who all seem to utterly adore him. Some highlights include Eevee jumping up and down atop his back before he wakes up, multiple Comfey flying around his head, and Shaymin chatting with him before riding atop his head.
  • You can see Flareon and Shinx sleeping curled up together in Fireflow Volcano. Similarly there’s Sylveon and Pichu in Florio Nature Park at night, Leafeon and Wooper in Founja Jungle, and Scolipede, Torchic and Shinx in the Barren Badlands.
    • Certain Pokémon also have adorable sleeping habits, such as Spheal floating down a stream and Raichu laying on its tail while hovering.
    • If you lure an Arbok onto land at the start of the River, it can later save Psyduck from the Ursaring. They'll happily walk off together and will have a nap at the end of the stage (a 4 star shot for both of them).
  • Scorbunny, Grookey, Pichu, and later Shaymin are best friends in Florio Nature Park. They run and play together through the area, culminating in the flower field where the four can have a great time (and most of them get 4 star rankings for it). At night, you can also find Grookey and Pichu sleeping together, which can be extended to all of them plus Sylveon at the end of Level 2 if you play your cards right.
  • In the Elsewhere Forest, a Deerling has gotten separated from its parent. By lighting the Crystablooms along the course, you manage to safely guide it to a reunion with Sawsbuck. The two smile gratefully at you as they leave. As a bonus, doing this for the first time unlocks the Sunny Valley section of the course!
  • A request for the research lab involves getting Mirror's longtime partner Stoutland to do dog zoomies. Mirror implies it's done that since it was a Lillipup.
  • If you throw food to Pidgeot several times at night in Florio Nature Park, at the end it will fly down and land in front of you before giving you several happy little pecks.
  • In this game's display of Predator-Prey Friendship, a Corsola and Mareanie can be seen hanging out together on Blushing Beach at night while waiting for a performance from Primarina. A Zangoose is also there to appreciate the diva's singing... though not even Primarina outweighs the species' issues with Seviper.
    • The same level also features a male and female Pikachu meeting up for a romantic stroll along the beach. They're interrupted by a Crabrawler, which you can chase away with a Fluffruit. If you do, they'll thank you before scampering off, and you'll later find them at the end of the level, looking out across the ocean together. D'awww.
  • In the Undersea level on the Lental Seafloor, a bunch of male Frillish can be found throughout the stage that, when hit with Illumina Orbs, will appear near the end of the stage alongside some female Frillish. Use the melody player, and they'll all start ballroom dancing in pairs, with very happy expressions on their faces!
    • One female Frillish can even be paired with a Tentacruel! This is required in order to fulfill one of the Lentalk requests.
  • In Florio Nature Park, Bidoof are shown building a dam on a pond. By Research Level 3, the dam is completely finished, and if you throw a Fluffruit in the opening at the top, one of the Bidoof will pop out to greet you.
  • In the night version of Barren Badlands, a few Pokemon friends (Rockruff, Tepig, Shinx, and Torchic) will come right out to beat the heat and play hide and seek in the Onix tunnels.
    • Also in the night version, an awakened Rockruff can be lured to a ledge — if you wait a bit before hitting it with an Illumina Orb, a Midday Lycanroc will join it for a double howl and then look at each other happily.
    • Midnight Lycanroc, despite its savage appearance, does have a softer side being showcased on the alternate path of Barren Badlands during the day. If you hit the Rockruff there with a Fluffruit, the Midnight Lycanroc will angrily snarl at you.
  • Near the end of the day version of the Secret Side Path, a Torterra protects Pichu and Scorbunny by scaring away a Dodrio that chases them throughout the level. After Dodrio leaves, Pichu and Scorbunny both celebrate with Torterra.
    • During the nighttime version of the stage, Pichu and Scorbunny can be found sleeping peacefully on top of Snorlax's belly.
  • Morelull are music lovers apparently, and make excited noises whenever they hear your song. In the jungle there are so many Morelull that you can hear them cheering almost anywhere in the level you play music.