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Heartwarming / New Avengers (2015)

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  • Issue #6: After Billy forces Mor-i-dun out of himself, he and Teddy have a Big Damn Kiss. The 20XX Avengers from the Bad Future vanish as time resets, and Future Teddy finds himself in a timeline where he and Billy have been Happily Married the whole time. Special mention for the fact they have a young daughter they named after Kate.
    Future Teddy: I... I love you, Billy. I love you so, so much.
    Future Billy: (mildly confused) Well... I love you too, you big goof.
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  • Issue #13: Toni realizes that, since the POD suit is actually just a super-high-tech suit or armor, Aikku can actually remove it at any time with little risk to herself. She hasn't because POD itself is a unique, sapient entity, and resetting the armor by removing its pilot would effectively kill it.
    Toni: To keep this unique consciousness alive, gave up everything.
    POD: Not everything.
  • Almost everything having to do with the final issue, which has the New Avengers cleaning up leftover A.I.M. splinter groups.
    • After taking care of theirs, Victor tells Max he's done with A.I.M. deciding to use his newfound grasp of his powers to help his old territory of spanish harlem. Max asks to tag along and while Victor hesitates, he decides to roll with it.
    • Aikku and Toni become an Official Couple, with Aikku citing that Toni's presence helps her cope with the loss of POD.
    • Billy and Teddy find.. no cell at all and instead an apartment they couldn't afford, with Bobby letting them go, having realized they were about done with the organization, and giving them the apartment as a gift and a cake to celebrate. While mildly annoyed, Billy shows his appreciation by sending a piece of cake to Roberto with the message: "You're The Best!"
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    • Mel leaves the team to have some time to herself, but tells Roberto that if they need her, she'll be there.

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