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Heartwarming / Nerve

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  • Ian serenading Vee in the diner was adorable.
  • The tattoo Ian picks out for Vee: a lighthouse, because he was reading To the Lighthouse when they met, and she said it's her favorite book.
  • Vee and Ian on the carousal.
  • When a poll is made on Nerve asking the Watchers whether or not they want Ty to shoot Vee, Liv (a friend of Vee and Sydney's) immediately shouts to everyone at the party to vote No.
  • Vee making up with Sydney.
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  • Ian telling Vee his real name: Sam. And Vee's response, "Well, it's nice to meet you, Sam."
  • Ian telling Vee he'll throw the last dare so she can win and get her life back, knowing full well that this would lead to him being a prisoner of the game for at least another year. Fortunately, Vee makes sure he doesn't have to.
  • The sole fact the watchers were basically shipping Vee and Ian is pretty sweet. Though they drop this in the finale, however.


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