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  • Often happens when two forumers fall in love. Leoness and Strife even had a baby together.
  • Kiddo, one of the retired staff members, has a rare movement disorder in which she has uncontrollable muscle spasms, and her condition has only been getting worse with time. While this by itself is a Tear Jerker, Kiddo pulled off a Heartwarming Moment when she ranted about how she's never going to give up fighting the disease and enjoying life, even though she knows she'll ultimately succumb to it. You can read her speech in its entirety here.
    Kiddo: "You'll never get a medal for this, no one will tell you that you've doing the right thing. There is no reward and no recognition. But let me tell you - I have not known beauty until I refused to give up. There's a raw joy in simply being alive and seeing the world for all it is - the good and the bad - is like seeing everything new every day. I find it hard to hate others. I find it easy to love them. I laugh at the simplest things and find beauty in the mundane. There is no great and noble goal I'm fighting for here. Our media glorifies the person that overcomes an obstacle for a single moment of triumph and that is folly. Some things can not be overcome. I cannot stress that enough. Some things can not be overcome - as much as I fight, my disorder will always win in the end. If we only fight to overcome than we strive for an impossible goal.

    "So I tell you to never give up because what you have right now is worth fighting for. Maybe it's a bit broken. Maybe it's a bit bruised. It is still worth fighting for."
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  • Sq, another retired staff member, also wrote a similarly inspirational piece about change and self-discovery that brought several members to tears.
    Sq: "I have a lot of interpersonal problems, I take everything way too personally, I push people away when they get too close because I'm afraid they won't like who I am or what they see inside me. I want to stop that. I want to let people in. I think for so long I went unnoticed because I treated myself like I wasn't a person. For such a long time I had no idea who I was, had no sense of identity... so how could I have expected anyone else to notice me as a person?

    I'm finally starting to foster an identity... finally starting to realize that I should just do what I love and act how I want to act and not worry about what people think. Because in the grand scheme of things, one person's opinion really doesn't matter... especially if it's a bad opinion. No one's better than me, and I'm not better than anyone else. I'm just a human being. And so is everyone else. "


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