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Heartwarming / Nanbaka

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  • All of Episodes 11 and 12. The Cell 13 boys get their rewards for winning the New Year's Tournament, and they even share them with the rivals they fought against. Even Musashi is forgiven by the protagonists and allowed to join in the fun. Those episodes also consist of establishing how Jyugo's friends care for and value him, making it all the more heartwarming.
    • To bring it into further detail, everyone wished for something they could enjoy with the others.
      • Jyugo wished to be under Hajime's care once more, so that he could reunite with Uno, Nico and Rock.
      • Uno wished for a recreation room, because he enjoyed playing games and wanted to do that more with the others. In a similar vein, Nico wished for the newest game consoles. Kazari said that she 'accidentally' made too many of them, retroactively allowing Nico's friends to enjoy them.
      • Rock wished for a stone oven to be installed, because Shiro told him that they needed one. When it came, Shiro also started practicing chinese food for the Building 5 folks, which makes Liang realize that eating is not only filling your body with fuel, but is also something to be enjoyed.

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