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Heartwarming / Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~
aka: Nameless

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It warms up your heart, whether it's a mystical shard or a fleshy human heart.Spoilers are not marked.

Nameless the Visual Novel

  • When Red returns from running away and starts taking care of the newly amnesiac protagonist. Also doubles as a Crowning Tearjerker Moment.
  • Red takes the amnesiac Eri to the amusement park and they ride the pumpkin carriage on the merry-go-round. Then Eri's memory finally gets a jog and she remembers being here with Red before. And her torn diary begins to fix itself.
    Eri: I remember... I remember everything!
  • Eri's realization that she was never alone in her empty house, because her dolls were always waiting for her. Also doubles as Fridge Horror
  • The realization that the Principal always knew there was something really fishy about the cover story for the dolls, but decided to accept them to the academy anyways because they cheered up Eri, who was still pretty depressed about her grandpa's death and her subsequent loneliness.
  • When Lance accepts the club list from Eri, after Soi talks up how he wouldn't have taken it from anyone else.
  • The first section of Yuri's route having him give a pair of pretty, heeled shoes to her à la Cinderella and honestly asking her out on a date.
  • After Tei explains his Darkand Troubled Past, and Eri assures him that he is not dirty. This was the best possible thing for Tei to hear in his vulnerability, as she simultaneously assuaged his self-loathing and fulfilled his desire to be by her side.
  • The date at the amusement park on Yuri's route where he proposes.
  • In Tei's route, Eri goes to the amusement park with Yuri after Tei declines the invitation. Yuri can tell that Eri has feelings for Tei and is hurt by his attempts to alienate her. Instead of trying to take advantage, Yuri encourages her to keep trying if she really likes Tei, adding that Tei's recent behavior is because he does like Eri but doesn't think he deserves her. Especially considering how much Yuri hates Tei, it's really sweet to see him putting Eri's happiness above his own.
  • One of the last scenes of Tei's route includes him playing the piano for Eri at Banjul. It turns out that Yuri agreed to teach him.

Alternative Title(s): Nameless