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Heartwarming / Naka Teleeli

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  • The 20,000 subscriber video where more than 200 people around the world tuned in. Naka even makes a speech at the end about how he loves to make Let's Plays because of the joy it brings people.
  • At one point, Naka opened a tip jar to fund the purchase for a 3DS capture device, estimating it would take anywhere from a year to (in his most extreme underestimation of viewer generosity) one week to receive enough money to purchase the capture device. It was funded within the hour.
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  • In the first episode of their The Legend of Zelda LP, Naka and Ogre name their file "ROBIN", in memory of the late Robin Williams, and mention how he was a fan of The Legend of Zelda and what a great person he was.
  • His 10 year anniversary video, full-stop. Naka celebrates the longevity of his channel even as he recognizes the fact that at this point, he'll never reach the popularity of so many other channels; but, knowing that, he's incredibly thankful of the community that he has, and praises it to no end. Naka also talks about his life during his YouTube career, from living in his parents' house at the outset to very recently getting married to fellow game designer MadameBerry and them moving into their own home. It's honestly tearjerking how happy he sounds when talking about how his life has changed for the better.


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