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Heartwarming / Nack and Psycho

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This page is to show the heartwarming moments in the Nack and Psycho series.

  • Nack and Psycho, despite different species (Nack a Mobian and Psycho a Toon), both are shown to have a brotherly affection to one another.
  • Pew and Betemesis, despite their memories of their lives and one another erased, reunite in a very touching moment.
  • Long John and Swiper in the adaptation of the Legends series is all the more sweet when Long John bonds with him during the events.
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  • Near the end of Return of Savage, Pew and Betemesis not only regain all their memories of one another, but confess their feelings to each other before they kiss together.
  • Mordred and Rasticore's talk in Daydreams and Nightmares with them finally forgiving each other.
  • Also in Daydreams and Nightmares Toffee and Grim Matchstick reuniting after confronting their own nightmares and, after Toffee's confession and opening up to the dragon, hugging it out.

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