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Heartwarming / My Superhero Academy: Crisis of Infinite Reboots

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     General and Backstories 
  • In general just how much the respective squads look out and care for each other especially in moments of danger.
  • How adorable the relationships are, especially Ellie and Mikael, and Yoko and Zach. You just feel how strongly the characters feel for each other.

     Main Game 
Integrity, Faith And Crocodile Tears
  • The whole of Squad 3 welcoming Martin.
  • Sally helping Ryuu with his belt after he struggles to build it. The both of them mention how they had a nice time working together.
  • Avajax making sure Aster is safe after she goes unconscious after the battle.
  • Mikael breaking through the barrier entrapping Squad 1 in order to save Ellie.
Waking Up To Ash And Dust
  • Yoko successfully exorcising the demon possessing Zach, which results in him being bonded to the ink and becoming immortal, allowing him to stay with Yoko.
    • When Zach has to reform after the exorcism, what motivates him is the thought of his loved ones.
  • Most of the scenes of present day Class 1 meeting their future descendants are rather sweet, even if it is bittersweet on the descendants' end. Also sweet is present day Class 1 accepting their future descendants quickly and some even being excited that they do have kids later on.
  • After her initial coldness and harshness, Future Sally tells Sally she can still change things and actually tries motivates her to be stronger.
  • After they are done crying, Yoko revealing to Zach that she is pregnant. Their happiness over the news is rather heartwarming after what they have been through this arc.
  • After returning to the present, Mikael and Ellie reunite. Mikael tells Ellie about Casper, their future son. They end up spending some "private time" together afterwards.
  • The letter Genbu gives to Ryuu before everyone is sent back to the present, in which he thanks him for everything he did for him and that is what let him keep going.

     Side Stories/Omakes 
  • In The Revisit Sam and Lucy share very warm interactions.
    • Zach also geeks out about Lucy's development.
    • There's also the issue that she came back at all after everything she'd been through at the school, to catch a glimpse of some old classmates.
  • All of Valentine's Day is heartwarming from beginning to end. It mainly involves some of the students trying to make their romantic partners/crushes happy on Valentine's Day.

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