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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S2 E5 "Sisterhooves Social"

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  • Pretty much all of the interaction between Applejack and Apple Bloom in this episode ranges from sisterly teamwork to concentrated diabetes-inducing adorableness.
  • Apple Bloom being willing to share her big sister with her troubled fellow Cutie Mark Crusader speaks huge volumes about how close their friendship has gotten.
    • There's also the fact that she and Applejack willingly gave up being in the Sisterhooves Social so that Sweetie Belle and Rarity can be in it.
    • There's also the fact that the extremely competitive Applejack was willing to give up being in a competition to help Rarity reconcile with Sweetie Belle.
  • When Rarity sees what Sweetie Belle used the gemstones for. A decorative heart around a picture of the two of them
    • "As Celestia is my witness, I shall never be sisterless again!" Awesome and Heartwarming all inspired by one picture.
  • Applejack and Apple Bloom romping around and having fun while doing chores. You can just tell that A. J. loves being the big sister.
  • When it's revealed that Applejack and Apple Bloom were in on the whole switch.
  • Rarity and Sweetie Belle making up in the end is certainly "d'aww"-worthy.
    Sweetie Belle: You all did this for me?
    Rarity: Us. I did it for us.
    • The moment Sweetie Belle goes to hug who she thinks is Applejack, and Rarity's white horn is revealed is just... d'aww!
      • More heartwarming is the fact that Rarity was willing to get covered from head to hoof in mud to make it up to Sweetie Belle for how badly she treated her. Rarity may act selfish at times, but she's the Element Of Generosity for a good reason. When she has to do something to help somepony else, nothing will stop her.
  • Rarity seeing Sweetie Belle's picture and realizing her mistake is this and a Tear Jerker.
    • Sweetie Belle hangs around Applebloom and Applejack and is amazed at their good relationship. Cut to Rarity, still bitter from their argument. She begins to falter, begins to come some way towards admitting she may have been wrong...then shakes her head and forgets it. She looks for more diamonds for her latest creation, begins to absolutely fume as she looks for the "stupid picture" Sweetie Belle used so many diamonds for...and she finds that. She puts her hoof to her mouth and gasps, then begins to tear up. That sound you just heard was you, yelling "get back together, ya silly fillies!" at your monitor.
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  • When she finds Sweetie Belle, Rarity looks genuinely worried before she sees her, then absolutely overjoyed. She really was worried for Sweetie Belle and it shows that, despite how she'd acted, she really does love and care about Sweetie Belle.
  • During the Friendship Report montage, Rarity and Sweetie Belle taking the "apple pie" metaphor to the next level, working together to successfully bake one.
    • From the same montage, the two of them playing in the rain together. Especially the tender and sisterly way that Rarity looks at Sweetie Belle.
  • Given their former antagonism (most notably in "Look Before You Sleep"), seeing Rarity honestly taking advice from Applejack counts.
  • The fact that Rarity's reaction to seeing Sweetie Belle use up her gems is 'find new ones.' The thought of just tearing them back off? Never even entered her mind.
    • Even when it did, it was already too late.
    • Well, it did enter her mind, and that was why she was looking for the drawing in the first place. But when she saw what the drawing was, there was no question she'd rather haul hoof and get dirty digging up new gems than do anything to damage it.
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  • Though the point of the episode was for Sweetie Belle and Rarity to reconcile, the image of Sweetie in Applejack's hat and bandana with the apple border behind her was just too cute. Who Wouldn't want to be part of the Apple family for a day?
  • The fact that while Sweetie Bell was wandering around the Social talking about the competitions, she was constantly saying "oh; Rarity would say/think 'X.'" It might seem mean or angry at first, until you realize that while at the Social all she was thinking about was "What would Rarity think of this?"
  • Meta example: Derpy's fanon daughter Dinky runs the race with recurring background pony Amethyst Star. What do the fans do? Add her to the Hooves family (usually as Derpy's stepdaughter).


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