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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S2 E17 "Hearts and Hooves Day"

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  • Twist accidentally hanging a heart-shaped game piece on Cheerilee is pretty cute, especially when she takes off the blindfold and they both smile.
  • When the episode was announced, every fan assumed it would involve the CMC thinking they could get matchmaking cutie marks. But that's never once brought up, showing that they truly had no kind of ulterior motive to wanting to make Cheerlee happy.
    • The fact that the CMC so clearly adore their teacher is pretty heartwarming, too. Nothing says "Best teacher ever" like a giant heart valentine.
  • Twist and that chubby pony. Sadly at the expense of this filly. Now watch as fans make Future Fics dealing with this triangle, with Twist and that filly vying for the attentions of the colt (Or perhaps even that filly and the colt vying for Twist's attentions).
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  • Cheerilee's and Big Mac's Held Gaze (both of them) were rather cute, too; of course, both of them got turned on their heads a few seconds later.


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