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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Magical Movie Night

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  • Twilight Sparkle has been through so much during the Friendship Games and at Camp Everfree, that it's extremely heartwarming to see Human Twilight finally being allowed to be a normal and happy teenage girl playing with her new best friends and not have life constantly finding new ways to torture her.

    Dance Magic 
  • When Rarity says she needs the money they raised to fund the costumes, the rest of the girls don't even argue. They trust Rarity and her talent so much, they don't even hesitate to give her the money they worked so hard to raise.
  • When Rarity and Twilight are sneaking around Crystal Prep, Rarity at one point asks Twilight where the dance studio is. Twilight shows some apparent ignorance to her ex-school's layout as she doesn't know if they even have one, and sheepishly tells Rarity she could show her the library. At this point in the special, Rarity has been driven to tears by the stress of getting her idea stolen and disappointing everyone; it wouldn't have been unexpected for her to snap at Twilight. But instead, she gives Twilight a warm smile. It's a very tiny moment.
  • We learn that the Shadowbolts actually had some scruples about stealing Rarity's idea: they did it because they knew she was creative enough to come up with another one, while they were desperate not to let their own school down. That doesn't justify their behavior, but it does show they weren't being completely heartless about it either.
  • Rarity once again showing her generosity when she forgives four of the Shadowbolts for stealing her idea and proposes they team up in order to win the music video contest.
  • The Shadowbolts getting along well with the Humane Seven while they shoot the music video. Even sweeter is seeing Rarity bond with Sour Sweet by the end.


    Movie Magic 
  • Canter Zoom expressing his gratitude to the Humane Seven, for saving Camp Everfree and his Daring Do movie, by allowing all seven of them plus Spike to be in the movie.
  • After Chestnut Magnifico has been played up as a prima donna who's angry at her agent for sticking her in the role of Daring Do, it turns out she's completely on board and was actually talking about another project that was cutting into the time she could spend filming it.
  • After Juniper is revealed to be the saboteur, as he's banning her from the set, Canter Zoom notes that, as she's his niece, he forgives her.

    Mirror Magic 
  • Twilight had a second journal ready and waiting for Sunset, and the only reason she didn't give it to her personally was because the Cutie Map activated. The extra heartwarming bit? This time, the symbol on the cover combines Sunset's Cutie Mark with hers.
  • Sunset and Starlight becoming quick friends. They don't even need to bond over being former villains, they just click.
  • The delighted look on Sunset's face when she is reminded that she can use magic again upon returning to Equestria.
  • Starlight helping Sunset with her worries by advising her to try and focus on the good things in the present, rather than what bad things might happen in the future. It turns out to be just what Sunset needs to calm her nerves.
    • Sunset provides a second one immediately afterwards by saying that she didn't need Princess Twilight's help with her problem because Princess Twilight's student fixed it. Starlight's sudden bashfulness is darling.
  • Despite only meeting Sunset at first, Starlight refers to all the Humane Seven as her friends.
  • Starlight reaching out to Juniper Montage.
    Juniper: Who would want to be my friend?
    Starlight: I would.
  • The way Sunset is just so glad that Starlight managed to get them out of the mirror, complete with Sunset giving her a warm hug.
  • The Humane Seven forgiving Juniper for her misdeeds, and accepting her into their group.
    • In the final scene, Rarity braids her hair, while Pinkie tries on her hat.
    • Edging more to Fridge Heartwarming, but note that said scene takes place in the CHS Courtyard, in front of the portal. Juniper is still wearing her work uniform. The girls basically took Juniper there, away from the mall where everything went wrong, to help her with what she just went through. Note Juniper's unsure look on her face as Rarity braids her hair, until Pinkie messing with her uniform's silly hat makes her laugh.
  • Despite Starlight going to the human world behind her back, Princess Twilight isn't upset at all, and even allows her to stay there for a few more days, saying that the Humane Seven are great teachers when it comes to friendship.

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