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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Digital Series

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Rarity loves cupcakes, and it shows.

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    Better Together (season 1) 
  • Hanging from Twilight’s mirror is this amazingly adorable picture of Twilight and Timber. Twilight just looks so happy in the picture.
    • The end of the date; after all the things Twilight wanted to do turned out to be inaccessible, it turns out Timber Spruce is more than happy to just be with her. Followed by the fireflies Fluttershy gave Twilight spilling out and looking similar to a night sky, with the two holding hands and watching the scene in front of them.
  • In "A Fine Line," Sunset spends hours waiting in line to buy a copy of the new sequel to her favorite game, with the rest of the girls keeping her company. Even though the store sells its last copy just as her turn comes, she doesn't mind it too much because she got to spend time hanging out with her friends. Pinkie Pie then pulls a copy out of her hair and hands it over, having pre-ordered it weeks earlier to make sure Sunset could start playing right away.
  • Maud, The Comically Serious Stoic, has her own fan club. At the end of her museum tour in "School of Rock," a member of the "Maud Squad" asks her to autograph a geology textbook. We'll take Pinkie's word for it that Maud is ecstatic.
    • Also the fact that Pinkie, Twilight and Rarity all pitch in to spice up Maud’s presentation.
  • Pinkie letting Lily, the girl she's supposed to be babysitting, read her a story to put her to sleep.
    Pinkie: You're gonna make a terrific babysitter...someday...Lily. (falls asleep)
    Lily: (tucks Pinkie in) I hope I'm as good as you.
  • When Rarity is unable to do the shop display at her job, Sunset (AKA Flanksy) helps her out by finishing the shop display for her.
  • The criminal that the girls took down in "Super Squad Goals", according to Sunset, stole the jewels so he could give them to a loved one.
  • Just about everything involving the baby sea turtles in “Aww...Baby Turtles”.
  • "Friendship Math" has an Iris out in the shape of a heart closing on Twilight and Pinkie Pie while they are hugging.

    Choose Your Own Ending (season 1) 
  • The Twilight Ending for "Best Trends Forever" has Rarity apologize to Twilight for using her as inspiration for her trend forecast, which resulted in everyone copying Twilight. Twilight forgives her, saying trends come and go but friends are forever.
  • In Applejack's ending for "Fluttershy's butterflies", Fluttershy finally overcomes her stage fright by imagining the entire audience as Applejack shouting cheers for support.
  • "Text Support" is heartwarming both in its premise and its multiple endings because it shows that all of her friends ship her with Timber. Rarity's ending shows her flirting with Timber through Twilight's account (thus Timber thinks Twilight is doing the flirting) and setting them up for an ice cream date while Sunset takes a more direct approach. You can see Sunset's face light up with happiness for Twilight when the meaning of the text is revealed.
  • In the Trixie Ending for "Rarity Investigates: The Case of the Bedazzled Boot", Rarity and Trixie discover it was Spike who stole the missing boot, because he wanted to see what it was like to be a dancer. Rarity scolds Spike for taking the boot without permission, but promises to find him a spot in the play while cuddling him. A cute moment since Puppy Spike usually interacts more with either Twilight or Fluttershy.

    Better Together (season 2) 
DIY with Applejack
  • Applejack does a stream of her building a dressing room for Rarity. The process takes so long that Rarity falls asleep, but Applejack sets up a bed in the room and supposedly tucks her in. The last thing she says before the short ends is "Goodnight" to Rarity and Opal.

Game Stream

Twilight Under the Stars

  • Pinkie and Timber help set things up so that Twilight will get to talk to her favorite astrophysicist.

Cheer You On

  • The whole short is essentially one giant love letter to Flash Sentry. In a bit of a meta sense, the entire song is about how Flash knows he's a secondary character, and he's perfectly fine with it. He doesn't feel like he needs to be the center of attention, but he will be there for the Humane 7 if they need him.

    Choose Your Own Ending (season 2) 
Wake-Up Shake-Up
  • When the girls find her, Sunset Shimmer says while still asleep "Five more minutes, Princess Celestia. I don't wanna go to magic school". The mere idea of Sunset having positive dreams about her former teacher after their fallout years ago not only really shows how much Sunset has moved on from that, but is quite touching.
    • Even more touching is the way she says. It sounds almost like a child asking their parent to sleep a little longer. This implies that Sunset sees Princess Celestia as somewhat of a mother figure. Awwwww.
  • In Rainbow Dash's ending, after doing some yoga poses, Rainbow shows Sunset a sunrise. She's a delighted at the beautiful sight, and, in repayment, she shows Rainbow Dash her own "yoga pose": Grateful Friend. And then she puts her hand on Rainbow's shoulder.

  • The show's title card has Twilight and Sunset literally holding each other's backs, and most especially, has Applejack happily giving Pinkie Pie a piggy-back ride after the latter jumps on her. And the way the song goes "you are my Equestria Girls!" right during this is like an adorable little cherry on top.
    • The show's intro has a few like Spike being passed around to each girl, each one happy to see the puppy, and a shot of the girls holding hands before the above title card appears.

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