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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013)

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"We've got to stop bumping into each other like this."
  • Spike being absolutely supportive of Twilight throughout the whole movie. Probably the most heartwarming moment is when Twilight worries about where she'll stay for the night until Spike says that he has that covered and reveals a makeshift bed made of books. Aw.
    Twilight: I'm glad you followed me here, Spike.
    Spike: Me, too.
  • Some of the cameos in the "Helping Twilight Win the Crown" song sequence. Like watching the human Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon happily getting into the spirit of things. That and briefly watching the human Trixie jam with everyone else.
    • Five friends who found each other again teaming up to help the new girl show the resident self-proclaimed queen what for, and just like that, bringing the entire school together with a simple (and beautiful) song truly was a magical moment.
  • Say what you will about Flash Sentry, but it was quite nice of him to wholeheartedly join in on Twilight's Adorkable dancing on all fours despite the strange looks she was getting.
    • It was also nice of him to stick up for Twilight when Luna questions her about the mess in the gym and photo evidence of her causing it (Fake photos created by Sunset, Snips, and Snails).
    • This may not seem as much, but the fact that Flash Sentry didn't change his views on Twilight after her odd moments and the whole cyber bullying ordeal is also heartwarming.
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    • The two reconciling after Twilight seemingly rejected Flash.
  • Twilight agonizes over how to reveal her identity and what's really at stake if the formal doesn't go to schedule. After a moment of thought, Spike suggests, in the most sincere voice he's possibly ever used, that Twilight simply tell the other girls the truth and they'll understand. They do.
  • Twilight asking the others to look out for Sunset Shimmer and Rarity agreeing without question, bar one apology for Last Spring's debacle, showing that they are legitimately giving her a second chance.
  • Rainbow Dash, out of nowhere, swooping down and lifting Scootaloo up onto her back, treating her to a flight around the gymnasium. Even in this world...
  • The human Mane 5 rallying behind Twilight after the humiliating video of her has circulated the school. Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack just barely know her, and Rarity and Rainbow Dash at this point haven't met her at all.
    • Special mention to Rarity, who doesn't say a single word to Twilight before trying to disguise her. All she knows about her at this point is that she's the girl Sunset Shimmer just humiliated, and she immediately steps in to help. Element of Generosity indeed.
  • The "Fix It Up" song.
    • After the Mane Six do some sweeping up, we see Twilight struggling to lift up and drag a broken table by herself, when two athletic students walk by the open door and Double Take. They shrug and come inside to help Twilight clear away the heavy debris. Later, three of the fashionista girls stop by when they see Rarity and Fluttershy throwing streamers up into the rafters, and offer up their own decorations too. One of the rolls lands in the hands of one of the "eco-kids," who presumably would protest the waste of paper decorations, but instead joins in with the three girls to their delight. The athletes and techie kids join up next to help set up the sound system and lights for the live band, complete with an athletic kid helping to catch and steady a techie's ladder as he's hanging lights. By the end of the song, it seems nearly every student in the school has come in to help clean and add their own touches to the decorations, showing that they took the message of school spirit and solidarity to heart, and showing that the Fall Formal dance was really important to them beyond just the Princess election.
  • Despite everything that Sunset Shimmer has done, it's clear that Celestia still cares deeply about her former student. Her first words after seeing that Twilight has returned home safe and sound?
    Celestia: Sunset Shimmer? Is she all right?
  • The silent image of Applejack and Rainbow Dash reconciling. "Hugs are always good!"
  • Rainbow Dash agrees to help Twilight IF Twilight can beat her in a one-on-one in soccer. Twilight doesn't even come close. Rainbow then agrees to help anyway...because Twilight has heart and determination.
  • After Sunset Shimmer's transformation into a demon, she attempts to vaporize Twilight Sparkle. Immediately, the Mane 5 jump in front of her to shield her with their own bodies—they are jumping to protect a girl they have known for less than three days, without hesitation. Now that's friendship.
  • Derpy's appearance during the cafeteria song has her blushing as she looks at a letter. Happy Derpy is always nice!
  • Meta example: How even though many fans were skeptical, if not outright afraid of how Equestria Girls would impact the greater MLP:FIM franchise, they still gave it a fair shot, figuring that the writer's haven't let them down yet, so they might as well wait and see what they deliver.
  • Similar to the Celestia example above: Sunset Shimmer stole Twilight's crown, forcing Twilight to enter an unfamiliar world with sort-of familiar characters who don't know her; bullied her both in person and using the internet; attempted to frame her; tried to blast her with magic (and was going to lead an army to take over her homeland). What's Twilight's response once Sunset is subdued? Give her a chance to try the "making friends" route, help her out of the crater, and offer her new friends as teachers in this new path. By rights, she could have turned her back on Sunset, leaving her no hope of redemption, but Twilight, it seems, is more worthy of her crown than that.
    • A subtle one, but and important one that adds to this. Sunset Shimmer commenting that she never intended to hurt Spike, and her general air of desperation throughout the finale. She's not a tried and experienced villain like Chrysalis or Sombra, but a young girl driven by a desire for power and respect. It says a lot that her magically imposed 'cackling villainhood' was so traumatizing for her. She may ruthlessly pursue a desire for personal power and step on everyone's feelings to get it, but deep down inside, it might be possible that she doesn't feel true malice. Was she just that hurt by feeling, for maybe the first time in her life, the unbridled desire to kill someone?
  • Despite the fact most of the human Mane 6 have fallen out as friends it's nice to see that Pinkie Pie and Applejack are still good buddies as they interact with each other as opposed to the others.
  • The human Mane 5 all reconciling after realizing that Sunset Shimmer was the one behind the texts and emails that broke them up.
  • In the live action music video, there is a short scene with Sunset Shimmer standing aside in the corner, before Twilight invites her to join the dance.
  • Pony!Rainbow Dash gets one in the beginning. When Twilight's about to go through the portal to the human world, Rainbow suddenly blocks her way and declares that she's not going anywhere without her friends for back-up. The idea gets squashed, but at least she tried.


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