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Heartwarming / My Hostage Not Yours

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  • Every time Zim and Gaz prove how much they care about each other.
    • Likewise, every time Gaz proves she cares about her family, or GIR.
    • And whenever Dib and Tak prove they care about each other.
      • Heck, let's just say every time anyone in this series proves they care about someone else.

  • Tak's last conversation with Gretchen, an odd example of a Kick the Dog being immediately followed by a Pet the Dog moment. Specifically, Tak intercepted a text from Gretchen to Dib asking to meet up, didn't tell Dib about it, and then met up with Gretchen to mock her over the fact that Dib picked Tak. However, after seeing how devastated Gretchen is, Tak gives her some words of encouragement to help her get on with her life.

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