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Heartwarming / My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes

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  • All Might and David's reunion after all these years. Same with his reunion with Melissa and her calling him "Uncle Might".
  • All Might choosing to invite Izuku as his guest on the trip. When Izuku tries to make sense of it, noting how people would usually invite family members instead, All Might puts a hand up and says this:
    All Might: I think you're forgetting we're connected by something far thicker than blood.
    • Which, awesomely enough, actually calls back to the original meaning of the phrase "Blood is thicker than water," which he himself was referencing. The original meaning was that the ties we forge with those we fight alongside were stronger than those that existed purely from blood relations. Think about that and how it applies to the bond between Izuku and All Might...
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  • Melissa giving Kaminari and Mineta tickets to the expo.
  • Near the beginning, Kirishima prepares Bakugo a pair of suits to wear to the I-Expo. Kirishima knows Bakugo so well he predicted he wouldn't bring one for the expo.
  • All Might tells Deku and the others not to do anything about the hostage situation and get to safety. They decide to disable the security system instead. All Might knows he should be disappointed and upset with them getting into danger, but he's ultimately proud of them and already counting on them to do their part.
  • Denki encourages a scared Mineta to join in on the fight telling him he would be popular with the girls. Mineta also later act incredibly protective towards Denki, Momo & Jiro when they are attacked by security drones.
  • During a fight with some villains, Kirishima takes a blow intended for Bakugo. After Todoroki and Bakugo check on Kirishima to ensure he's okay after the villains are defeated, Bakugo even thanks Kirishima.
    Bakugo: (looking away) ...Thank you.
    Kirishima: Whoa! Where did that come from? It's no worry!
    Bakugo: I'm NOT worried!
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  • Despite his actions being less than heroic, David's intentions can easily be said to be pure - The entire reason for his actions was because he believed All Might needed to stay as the Symbol of Peace after discovering his fading power.
  • Even after Sam betrayed David for Wolfram, David was more than willing to take a bullet, meant to kill Sam after being shot the first time.
  • This is the only time that we will ever see Deku and All Might actually fighting together as they do during the Final Battle, an opportunity they didn't have in the manga before All Might lost his One For All. At one point Deku also goes very fast and catches up with All Might, running alongside him in perfect sincrony; he's no more just his fan, he's now fighting there as his equal and successor.
  • After Wolfram is defeated, David and All Might have a chat on the currently demolished roof. The latter was informed by Melissa what David had done, however, he isn't mad at all. Instead, the two reflect upon both Melissa and Deku, and while the Symbol of Peace will inevitably vanish, the world will be in safe hands thanks to them and the next generation of Heroes.
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  • Todoroki and Bakugo smile after Deku and All Might beat Wolfram. Somewhat subdued that when they exchange glances, Bakugo scowls and looks away, but they've both come a long way from when they first enrolled in U.A.


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