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Spoilers Off applies to all Heartwarming Moments pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Episode 16 and 17 had several that stand out:
    • At the end of episode 16 where the guy of your choice (except Castiel) comforts your candy when she breaks down into tears.
    • In episode 17 Castiel gets his heart broken once again by Debrah. No matter what your LO'M with him is your candy looks for him to offer him comfort as well.
    • Despite it being Easily Forgiven, when your candy forgives Violette and she runs up to hug you. Your candy thinking that that is the first time Violette has taken initiative like that is what makes the moment so heartwarming.
  • In episode 18, EVERYONE gathering in the classroom and deciding to help the bunnies. It was the first time everyone was so unified and worked together for the same cause (even Amber, her crew, and Capucine helped. Though they weren't willing to have their names mentioned should they get in trouble). Not even Debrah managed to get everyone on the same side!
    • Also in episode 18, even though there is a dress specifically needed for his illustration, Kentin is the only one who says you look pretty in every outfit you choose (after you get him to notice of course).
  • Episode 23:
    • Li and Charlotte being worried for Amber. As rude as they are to your candy, such loyalty and friendship for the Alpha Bitch is actually pretty rare in a genre such as this.
    • Rosalya proving yet again that she's actually got your back no matter what cementing once and for all that she's your best friend in this game.
    • Castiel really stepped up his Heart of Gold game this episode. And we can be sure that Nathaniel probably really appreciates it.
    • And then the very beginning of Episode 24, when Nathaniel tells you he's sorry he yelled at you before, and how he's happier now that he's moved out.
  • In Episode 31, on Castiel's route, you get to see his reunion with Lysander. Though Castiel at first just tells him not to do that again, Lysander notes he looks like he needs to get some rest. Castiel then laughs in relief and tells him to take a look at himself. Considering that neither of them are generally very emotionally available, this scene is pretty cute. If you're not on Castiel's route, it's still pretty heartwarming, in an odd way, how personally offended he gets at Nina for taking advantage of Lysander's amnesiac state. Not to mention Lysander DOES remember his hatred towards Deborah because "she really hurt Castiel." This episode really shows that despite their differences, they really have a true friendship.
  • Episode 32 has several:
    • You and Peggy going to comfort Capucine when she runs away crying, even though neither of you are very close to her, and Peggy promising not to write an article about her boyfriend.
    • Mrs. Delanay actually showing genuine concern for Lysander and Capucine.
    • Even if your affinity isn't that high with Castiel, he still treats you rather warmly in this episode, partly due to Character Development, and partly because of what you're doing to help Lysander.
    • The heart-to-heart you have with Rosalya while she sleeps over at your house.
    • Lysander getting his memories back thanks to you bringing him his notebook.
    • Small one, but your parents, seeing what you've been through in the last few days, unground you and genuinely make an effort to try and support you.
  • In episode 34, after Amber humiliates you in front of all of your classmates, Priya takes it upon herself not only to clean it up and take care of you, but also, along with your boyfriend, to makes sure Amber stops bothering you by threatening to show her MANY modelling rejection letters to the school. She hasn't even known you that long, but Priya clearly cares a great deal about you and your happiness.
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  • You, Armin, and your boyfriend coming together in episode 35 to help Iris when she is being stalked, simply because she is your friend. Doubles with Moment of Awesome.
  • Episode 36 once again proves the strength of your various friendships:
    • Iris is so relieved that you dealt with her stalker that she cries.
    • Rosalya trying her best to cheer you up after you fight with the twins. Whether it works or not, she definitely tries.
    • A genuinely upset Alexy apologizing for yelling at you, and then asking you and Rosalya to be there with him when he calls the number Armin found in their adoption file. The extent of how much this boy appreciates and trusts you is pretty touching.
  • Episode 38:
    • Evan apologizing to his brothers and promising he'll do better to be a mentor to them after his recklessness ends in him nearly being killed.
    • If you're not dating Kentin, he admits he's still in love with you but pulls an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy and tells you that he won't interfere in your relationship because he cherishes your friendship, coupled with apologizing for acting like a jerk, worrying he's ruined it. Even more heartwarming is your candy's (possible) reaction: you tell him he didn't ruin anything because his behavior wasn't the real him.

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