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Heartwarming / My Brave Pony: Starfleet Nemesis

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  • The fact that Twilight's kindness and heroism is able to get through to Lighting Dawn and make him see things in a new light. He tries to get Starla to stop insulting Twilight and even begins to subscribe to her virtues of friendship, even if other Unicornicopians do not see why they are worth following.
    • In the chapter Lost Love, when he sees Equestrians being harassed by Starfleet members, he defends the former and reports the latter. Even if the Equestrians do not thank Lightning because of what he and Starfleet have done in the past, at least Lightning Dawn is making an effort to improve.
  • The way that the Elements of Harmony break up may be tearjerking, but it is heartwarming that they are still staying together in spirit.

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