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Heartwarming / Muriel's Wedding

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Several heartwarming moments can be seen throughout the film as Muriel begins to grow more confident and self-aware, but what tops them all is the ending, in which after coming home from her mother's funeral, Muriel shows up at Rhonda's house un-announced to rescue Rhonda from her over-protective mother and the vapid bitches that insist on hanging around. The two ride off together in a taxi, shouting their good-byes to Porpoise Spit as they go.
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  • While at first Rhonda's mother calls Muriel out for having abandoned her at her time of need, by the time they get into the taxi, she's done an about-face and says goodbye to Rhonda with happy tears and a proud, loving smile.
  • Rhonda defending Muriel in front of her vapid and cruel old "friends," then later winning a talent show with her. And the boyfriends of said "friends" all visibly enjoy the performance, smiling and nodding along and eventually standing up to clap for them.
  • Muriel's Jerkass husband-by-marriage-of-convenience David is originally cold to her, but warms up a bit after Muriel's mother dies, culminating in a Headbutt of Love. They break up soon after when Muriel realizes that she needs to stay true to herself, but the gesture is heartwarming regardless, and he lets her keep the money she got from marrying him.


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