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  • Everything about Kazuya and Suzume's relationship. It's just plain adorable.
    • Special mention to Suzume single handedly saving Kazuya and giving him a future.
    • In the Opening, there's a quick moment that shows Kazuya and Suzume together. His expression as he looks at his girlfriend...D'awww...
  • Yumemi, Ichiko and Suzume's friendship. All the Friendship Moments are just sweet.
    • Special mention: while Suzume and Kazuya are crossing the river Yumemi recalls the time in second grade where she and Suzume were in the same class. Their class was going on a field trip but Yumemi ended up with a fever the day of and so couldn't go. When Suzume found out about it she walked all the way back from the neighbouring town the class was at; just so she could keep their promise to eat lunch together.
  • Munto and Yumemi's relationship. Many small moments throughout the series give glimpses into the deep connection the two of them share.
    • Best example comes near the finale where Munto reaches out and saves Yumemi from despair gained from the Mirror Trial.
    • And of course, in the grand finale when he practically out right confesses to her:
    Munto: "It seems like I'm being lectured by you again. I finally understand now. It's just as you said. The one I should protect is already here."

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