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Heartwarming / Mortasheen

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The fact that Doomboros completely freak out when someone hurts a beloved master, going from cringing fear to utter berserker rage, is one such example; normally the Doomboros is terrified of everything, but as soon as that beloved master is hurt? It's ass-kicking time!
  • Also, Laverne and Funkle. Laverne is a giant termite-queen-woman, Funkle is a guy trying to turn himself into a sentient disease who currently looks like a fleshy tumor; and they are totally, hopelessly in love, which is both very sweet and incredibly Squick.
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  • The entry on Shreeg describes how they love Songbirds, and will take great pains not to hurt them
  • Mongrunge is a canine mutant that is essentially a skeleton covered in fleas that it shares a symbiotic relationship with and when its fleas die. it's so attached to them that it will enter a state of mourning that involves slowly starving itself until its either recolonized or dead
  • Volross another canine mutant is described as being protective of children and young animals. And almost always refuses to attack them even in self-defense, it's Drampa before Drampa

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