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Heartwarming / Monte Fjanton

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     In General 

  • Whenever Felix reviews an Old Shame of his, he will take some time of the video to talk about how even if he's embarrassed, he's glad he made the thing he reviewed because more often than not, it's somewhat nostalgic to him, and may even have helped him become who he is today, and he makes it clear that if you're embarrassed of who you were or what you did in your past, that can only be a good thing because it means you've grown and developed.





Felix Recenserar - Jag Saknar Dig

  • Felix admitting that the reason he didn't review the movie earlier even though many asked him to was that he thinks the movie is actually pretty good and genuinely sad - at least the first half of it.

Felix Recenserar - Tahkorerna

  • Felix' story about how he became involved with the creation of Tahkorerna and how it affected him: as a kid, he really did not have any actual hobbies. One day, his father made him try out hockey. However, Felix ran into a bully from school at the hockey rink, who then threatened him. Felix got so spooked by the experience that he left prematurely and told his dad he never wanted to have anything to do with hockey again. A week after that, Basse called Felix and asked him if he wanted to make a movie together with him. His positive experiences with making movies, as well as the contrast with his experience with hockey, gave him a huge interest in film that made it possible for him to do what he's doing today.







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