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  • Ghoulia is an enormous fan of the comic book superhero Dead Fast, but can't attend a convention that'll be auctioning the only existing copy of the special Issue #0. After falling into a fantastic Dead Fast-centric dream, she wakes up to find it in her hands! Turns out that Cleo had sent all 10,000 of her royal servants to win it for her. Although Cleo does tell the other ghouls not to spread this info around and ruin her rep.
    • Ghoulia is actually crying Tears of Joy when she sees the comic book.
  • Toralei, Purrsephone and Meowlody jumping in to prevent cheating Nefera (their own squad leader) from sabotaging the B Squad's routine.
    Toralei: We want to win, but not like this.
    • It was really adorable when Toralei and the others up and hugged Bloodgood when she offered to let them come to Monster High.
  • Pretty much the entirety of "Cyrano De Ghoulia" (when it isn't being hilarious, that is): the ghouls agreeing to help shy Ghoulia win over the boy she likes, Frankie taking the fall to distract Moe ("That one's for you, Ghoulia!"), and Ghoulia and Slow Moe walking off hand in hand at the end.
    • Actually, Slow Moe and Ghoulia in general. Who would have thought two zombie kids could be so adorable together?
  • Frankie's Basic Diary mentions her first rain shower. Just go on the wiki and read it. It's downright adorable.
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  • At the end of "Fright On", Romulus asked Draculaura for a dance. It shows how much he's began to trust vampires, and maybe by extension his best friend Clawd's judgement.
  • Abbey letting Heath take her to the dance, because the fact that he kept trying to ask her and his expression when the other girls try to kick him out shows that he really was serious about her.
  • Clawdeen apologizing to Draculaura after realizing she was wrong to try to break up her and Clawd's relationship.
  • In "Friday Night Frights", Clawdeen gets injured during the game. Draculaura has been seeing herself as dead weight on the team throughout the special, and Clawdeen decides to overplay her injury in order to get Draculaura into the field. Clawd catches on and asks, "Are you sure?", his tone indicating that he completely agrees with her plan. She nods at him, and he tells Draculaura she's in:
    Draculaura: Are you crazy? We could still win!
    Clawd: I know.
    • Remarkably, it's the facial animation that sells this moment, both in Clawdeen's sincerity after Clawd asks if she's sure, and Draculaura's HUGE grin when Clawd insists on putting her in.
  • In 13 Wishes, despite Howleen's wish erasing everyone's memories of Cleo, they still end up together.
  • Ghoulia and Cleo's Mad Science Notebook, especially when Cleo commands a pep-talk for Ghoulia, who was feeling useless in their perfume project.
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  • In Haunted, Rochelle, after being transformed from gargoyle to ghost, finally gets to truly experience swimming without sinking like, well, a rock. She smiles in the cutest way afterwards.
  • Cleo and Deuce realizing how much they love each other after Nefera tries to break them up in Boo York, Boo York.
    • When they kiss at the end, one of his snakes kisses her forehead.
    • Lux accepting her son's double life as a rapper even if it doesn't fit with her traditional values.
    • And even if it was played as a Hope Spot, Catty and Pharaoh professing their love for music and each other through the eponymous "Boo York, Boo York" song. Doubles as a CMOA.
      • Then at the end when they get back together after they get their music, and emotions, back.
  • A meta example: after many Native Americans expressed disappointment at Isi's design and reached out to Mattel, Sherry Schwab (Mattel Consumer Services Sponsor) wrote an email back. Even if it wasn't a perfect response (its statement that they tried to appeal to a wider group of Native Americans by including elements from multiple tribes probably could have been worded better) it also showed that Mattel will rethink approaching designs for characters in the future with clear-eyed concern for culture. Which is pretty cool.

    Please allow me to begin by apologizing for your disappointment and frustration with our Monster High Isi Dawndancer doll. I’m so sorry that Isi fell short of your expectations, and hope that you can accept our sincerest apologies. While we never meant any offense, we appreciate your feedback and point of view.

    With Isi, we aimed to create a character that represented a small part of each individual tribe. We never meant to be disrespectful or to homogenize all Native American tribes. We agree that each tribe should be celebrated for its individuality and intricate culture, and I will make sure that your email gets passed along to our Monster High Design Team. Your comments are at the heart of everything we do here, and our engineers will use your feedback when designing future Monster High dolls. Thank you, again, for writing to us, [poster's name].
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  • Gooliope Jellington's diary reveals that everything she's wearing is a birthday present from her friends and family at the Freak du Chic.
  • Jane Boolittle starts out cripplingly shy and afraid to enter social situations, but, with the help of the pets, begins to come out of her shell and makes friends with the ghouls. When invited to the jungle dance, she's afraid to go, but Toralei's insults incite her to join the party, and she even gets voted Queen of the dance.
  • Twyla's pet peeve is vacuum cleaners, which may seem a bit random, until you realize that her pet is a literal dust bunny! Thus, her dislike of vacuums is out of a protectiveness toward her pet.
  • Headmistress Bloodgood provides a lot of this for being a great principal. She's stern but fair when she needs to be, but she has a great sense of humor and will do whatever she can to help her students grow and express themselves.
  • Skelita's Art Class journal details her project's process. Since she grew up watching her abuela making pottery, she wants to live up to that tradition. After a period without inspiration, she fashions an elaborate calavera vase. When she sends the picture to her grandmother, she says it's a beautiful combination of tradition and personal expression, which Skelita thinks is the "best compliment [she] could ever have".
  • Skelita's collector diary is also full of heartwarming. In the past she's always loved celebrating Dia de los Muertos alongside humans (and losing something each year), but she always felt like she was only invited to celebrate because her grandmother was. This particular year, her abuela is unable to attend, but the path to the human world still appears. Skelita arrives to the celebrations, and sees an altar to her decorated with all of her lost objects, and her human friends say that she will always be invited to the party for her kindness.
  • The Steam duo's diaries are full of this, too, since Robecca is reunited with her father and she finds Cleo's mother, earning the mummy's eternal gratitude and getting back her only family member.


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