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Heartwarming / Monsuno

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  • Overlapping a little with Tear Jerker, Chase doesn't want the visions of his mom to stop in episode 19 "Wellspring", as having them makes him feel like she's in his life, when she never was before. It even gets him some quiet support from Jinja and Bren.
  • Jeredy apologizing for what he put Chase through, saying that he loves him after giving him a family picture he buried. Chase returns the statement with tears in his eyes.
  • Lock nuzzling Chase after they come out from an explosion alive at the end of "Bang".
    • Bren's recovery after the loss of Quickforce in episode 28, also a Moment of Awesome.
  • At the end of episode 31, "Kidnapped". When the gang tell Dax that he has a new family in each of them. Even Bren's reluctant mutterings are pretty sweet in their own way.
  • Chase and Jeredy finally getting Sophia back.
  • The boys took an entire month on Jinja's gift; an entire pre-conceived note  adventure ending in a literal surprise birthday party.