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Heartwarming / Modern Times

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A sweet ending to an excellent comedy saga.
  • Rather than the Tramp's usual ending of walking off alone, in his final appearance he gets to have someone by his side.
  • The gamin's intentions. Sure she does steal from others, but that's only because wants to share them with the poor people, including her own family.
  • The Tramp's overall loving relationship with the gamin.
  • The gamin immediately meeting up with the Tramp both times he's released from prison. It's proof that she cares about the Tramp protection and feelings.
    • The first she does this, she shows him a new home she found while he was away, sure it was a broken-down shack, but it's the thought that counts.
    • The second time she does this, she hugs him cheerfully and the Tramp immediately notices she's dressed like a fancy-costumed café dancer. She tells him that she has obtained a job for him in a café and signs him up.

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