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  • Near the end of episode 6, "Party Night". After Heero has threatend to kill Relena, for the millionth time, Lady Une sends mobile suits to the school to kill Relena. Heero uses Wing Gundam to repel the attack, thinking they've come to take him out. Relena, worried about Heero, rushes out into the battle zone just as some building debris starts raining from the sky. Heero sees she's in danger, goes into a panic and ends up saving her, much to his own disbelief.
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  • When the Gundam Sandrock automatically activates it's self-destruct and opens the cockpit door, pretty much telling Quatre "Save yourself, I've got this..." Word of God states that this is literally true; Sandrock's specialism as a Gundam is pilot safety, and one shot of its cockpit shows it's equipped with the ALICE system AI last seen in Gundam Sentinel - meaning that this moment is not a programmed subroutine for hopeless situations. The Gundam is literally alive, and is giving its life for Quatre and his friends.
  • Episode 49, the series finale has a few:
    • Heero sneaking onto Relena's spaceship headed for Earth and leaving her a teddy bear and a birthday card. Along with Relena subsequently calling out to him and tearing the card.
      Relena to Heero from her spaceship: Next time hand it to me in person.
      • Also serves as a Call-Back to a similar scene at the start of the series.
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    • When Heero is walking away from Relena's ship after the fact he almost appears to have a small smile on his face.
  • In the movie, after making Mariemaia experience fear for the first time, thus making her understand the pain she's caused, Heero stands before her and raises his weapon.
    Mariemaia (tearing up): Relena, I was mistaken...I'm so...sorry!
    Relena: Mariemaia.
    Heero: I'll relieve you of your pain.
    Mariemaia: I thank you.
    Relena: Heero?
    Heero fires his weapon. It's empty.
    Heero: I've killed Mariemaia. I will never kill anyone ever again. I...I don't have to anymore.
    • At which point Heero collapses in complete exhaustion and Relena catches him before he hits the ground. As the medics rush to save Mariemaia, Relena rests Heero's head on her shoulder and, for the first time in the entire series, Heero is at peace.
  • At the end of the movie, seeing each of the pilots move on from being a soldier to something that they can enjoy in a world of peace:
    • Trowa returns to the circus, where his sister is waiting for him excitedly.
    • Duo and Hilde open a store together.
    • Quatre is reunited with the Maganac Corps.
    • Wufei and Sally are working as Preventers, to maintain the peace.
    • Zechs and Noin are working on a terraforming project.
    • Relena resumes her government post.
    • Heero becomes her bodyguard. Or in the OAV's, he watches over one of her speeches and then walks away on his own, but this time he is completely at peace with himself.

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