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He wasn't scared of falling. All these years, he'd fallen many times. But falling on the ground still hurt, after all. If someone was there to catch him, it'd be more than wonderful.
Chapter 87

Mo Dao Zu Shi is not only a fantasy and a tragedy, it's also a story about love, so such moments are inevitable.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

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Main Story

  • Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji's developing relationship. As it's the central focus of the story, there are plenty of individual examples below, but it's definitely something to watch unfold and be warmed by.
  • Despite Lan Wangji initially referring to Wei Wuxian as "Wei Ying" out of annoyance, over time it's clear that it's become an Affectionate Nickname since he only calls him Wei Wuxian when a situation is dire.
  • Wei Wuxian and Jin Ling's relationship counts as well. They start off on the wrong foot, with Jin Ling's attitude and hatred for Wei Wuxian and all things related to demonic cultivation not helping. Over time, however, in the few interactions they have they gradually become closer and more amicable with each other. While things temporarily go sour when Jin Ling finds out who "Mo Xuanyu" really is, it's obvious he felt terrible for injuring someone who he had already grown to see as a great mentor and likely also a friend; and in the finale and the extras, they've reconciled and are almost as close as family. Even though Wei Wuxian's relationship with Jiang Cheng is already a lost cause, there's still another part of his tragic past that Wei Wuxian can improve for the better. And while Jin Ling will always mourn his parents' deaths, by reconciling with Wei Wuxian he is finally able to gain closure with his past and move forward.
  • Jiang Yanli's adoration and love for her brothers. She's always doting on them, and they in turn are very protective of her. The main reason they disapproved of her arranged marriage with Jin Zixuan was because he was always rude to her. Wei Wuxian would go on to argue that their sister deserved someone a thousand times better than the "peacock". It's clear that she was the one holding her family together until her death which drove the final wedge between Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian's relationship.
  • Wen Qing's love for her little brother always shows. Despite her being cold to him at times, she has his best interests at heart and would do anything to keep him safe.
  • This meta, which succinctly explains one of the major sources of Wei Wuxian's hardships in his first life, and why his Character Development of him finally looking out for himself and pursuing his own freedom and desires without any feelings of hesitation or obligation is all the more poignant and liberating.
    When he acts with recklessness and abandon, he is reminded that such behavior is inappropriate for Sect Leader Jiang's adopted son. When he acts with confidence and determination, then he is a son of a servant, putting on airs.

    If he is too skilled, too capable, he is reaching above his station. If he is not skilled enough, he is a failure, and a waste of the time and effort invested in him.

    Every time he makes decisions that adversely affect the Jiang Sect, he is made to feel guilty that his first responsibility was not to his family. But when he makes his family the first priority, suddenly he no longer has the right to do any such thing.


    The thing is, the entire point of a second chance, of rebirth and a new life, is precisely to leave the old life behind. In the temple, when he tells Jiang Cheng to forget it, that it is all in the past, it may seem cruel, but Wei Wuxian is the one who died. And now, for the first time, he is not just sliding into one of the thousands of roles he had always tried to fill, but is building something else, something that is just his own.

    I get why people want him to keep giving because that is literally all he does in the majority of the novel. Wei Wuxian should twist this way to be just the right son, just the right brother, just the right friend. But I'm glad he doesn't. I'm glad he chooses something for himself, and no longer feels guilty over the choices he made.

Pre-Time Skip

    Studying in the Cloud Recesses 
  • Nie Huaisang and another cultivator commenting on Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng's relationship noting that despite Jiang Cheng being the next head to the Jiang clan and Wei Wuxian's status as a servant, they genuinely treat each other like brothers.
  • In donghua it illustrates Lan Wangji's isolation from the other students very well with no one daring to sit in front or behind him. Only Wei Wuxian chooses to sit right next to Lan Wangji.
  • Wei Wuxian being the only person to call for Lan Wangji and speak to him casually, which was likely the only time anyone outside of Lan Xichen approached him and treated him as a normal person and not the esteemed Gusu Lan student. This becomes one of the many reasons Lan Wangji becomes interested in Wei Wuxian and eventually falls in love with him.
  • Wei Wuxian's punishment of writing down the Lan Sect's rules while Lan Wangji keeps watch over him. On his final day, he draws a picture of Lan Wangji and gives it to him as a parting gift. For a moment, Lan Wangji is actually surprised by the picture and does take it, but then the moment is ruined when he realizes Wei Wuxian used it as a prank by drawing a flower on his hair.
  • The cornetto advertisement has Wei Wuxian enjoying his dessert and suggests to Jiang Cheng that next time the should bring Jiang Yanli who would've loved this dessert. This idea makes Jiang Cheng smile and nod in agreement.
  • Lan Xichen noticing that Lan Wangji has grown fond of Wei Wuxian and invites him and the other cultivators on their mission to check out the water ghouls in the lake. He cheerfully remarks that he knows his brother wanted Wei Wuxian to come along with them, which Lan Wangji denies.
  • As the water ghouls start attacking the townsfolk, Wei Wuxian and the others immediately protect the civilians as they fend off the ghouls.
    • This moment also shows Jin Zixuan's Jerk with a Heart of Gold side as he notices Nie Huaisang calling for help from his boat and he tries to save him but gets blocked off by other water ghouls attacking him.
  • Despite the danger it put Wei Wuxian in, he still flew down towards the water in order to save a Lan disciple who got stranded and rescues him.
  • Wei Wuxian asking how he and Lan Wangji weren't friends, since he actually does consider their relationship this, despite Lan Wangji often denying it.
    • There's also where Lan Wangji is still the one to go down to the waters to rescue Wei Wuxian, even though he claims he doesn't see him as a friend and avoids physical contact.
  • Even when Wei Wuxian's antics cause more headaches for Jiang Cheng, Jiang Cheng does care for him in his own way. Carrying Wei Wuxian from the pavilion after receiving his punishment with Lan Wangji, diving after him when the water ghouls started to attack, and coming close to arguing that Lan Wangji's punishment for himself and Wei Wuxian went too far before Wei Wuxian nudges at him to drop the subject.
  • As he is taken into the pavilion and held down to receive his punishment, Wei Wuxian jokes that Lan Wangji should receive some form of punishment since he also broke the rules. However, when Lan Wangji kneels next to him, Wei Wuxian immediately takes back his words and tries to say it was all his fault. He may like to pull pranks, but he never wants it to get to the point where the other party gets hurt because of him.
  • In the donghua Wei Wuxian risks his life against feral ghouls to save a white rabbit he sees. Towards the end of that episode, he gifts said rabbit (plus another) to Lan Wangji.
    • After teasing Lan Wangji Wei Wuxian gets pushed out the window but continues laughing after getting a reaction from the other.
  • Although it gets him expelled, Wei Wuxian punches Jin Zixuan in the face for not only insulting Jiang Yanli, but also Jiang Cheng.
    • Lan Wangji initially goes over to comfort Wei Wuxian when he thinks he's crying over his punishment, but then walks away angrily when he finds out Wei Wuxian was just playing with ants.
  • The warm expression on Jiang Fengmian's face when he comes to retrieve Wei Wuxian who smiles brightly at his uncle.

    The Discussion Conference 
  • After landing on the docks, Wei Wuxian runs up to Jiang Yanli who was waiting for him and presents a box of sweets he managed to bring over for her.
  • As Madame Yu is riling up for another argument with Jiang Fengmian, Jiang Yanli quickly intervenes by gently holding her mother's hand and diffuses the situation. When Madame Yu looks at her daughter's gentle face, she immediately softens.
  • As Wei Wuxian returns to the Lotus Pier, he's greeted by his other friends who happily dogpile him once Jiang Fangmian allows him to greet them.
  • While it devolves into another argument, Jiang Fengmian tells his wife that he dissolved their daughter's engagement with Jin Zixuan after it becomes transparent that Jin Zixuan is not fond of Jiang Yanli in the slightest, and argues that he doesn't want their daughter to be bound for the rest of her life to someone who hates her just because it was their parents' wishes. Even if Jiang Fengmian is speaking from experience, it's notable that a leader form a prestigious clan is choosing his child's happiness over political connections. It's only a shame that he didn't show the same level of concern to his son...
  • Wei Wuxian complimenting Wen Ning on his archery skills, despite the boy's shy demeanor. Even when his anxiety gets the best of him and he's unable to participate in the tournament, Wei Wuxian still reassure him he's at least better than most of the other people at the Jiang Sect, Jiang Cheng included.
  • Lan Wangji protecting the other cultivator by shooting down Wen Chao's arrows while also still hitting his target.
  • After Wei Wuxian pulls off Lan Wangji's forehead ribbon without knowing the context of it, he gingerly offers it back to an angered Lan Wangji. As he storms off to his other Lan sect members, they seem to be comforting him and asking what's wrong, and all becoming immediately mad as they turn to Wei Wuxian with the same angered expression Lan Wangji is wearing. While Lan Wangji was not close with anyone in his sect besides his brother and uncle, the other members do treat each other like family and will stand up for each other if one of them is wronged. Though the manhua excludes this, the novel makes a point of mentioning Lan Xichen going there to talk to his brother and soothing him.
  • Wei Wuxian's friends cheering for him when it was announced he was the champion for the Jiang sect, with one of his friends even picking him up and spinning him around.

    Xuanwu Cave 
  • Noticing Lan Wangji visibly limping, Wei Wuxian goes out of his way to approach him and offer to give him a piggy back ride. While Lan Wangji takes this as another prank and refuses the offer, Wei Wuxian was being genuine, pointing out to Lan Wangji that he shouldn't be walking around on a broken leg.
  • Wen Chao harassing Mianmian which leads to Wei Wuxian diverting his attention, saving the girl from him.
    • Later in the cave, he even jumps in front of the brand so it wouldn't damage Mianmian's face. She ends up giving him a bag of medicine as thanks and tearfully apologizes for getting him hurt, but Wei Wuxian gently tells her it was nothing.
  • When none of the other cultivators would protect her, Mianmian runs behind Lan Wangji and Jin Zixuan, who stoically stand up to Wen Chao and the other Wen's trying to grab her. Once the fighting starts to break out, the other Jin sect loyally stand by Jin Zixuan's decision and fight back. And as much as Wei Wuxian loves to take opportunities to nit-pick at Jin Zixuan, he does end up admitting to himself that he does have a good heart.
    • Then there's Lan Wangji hitting Su She with magic when the Lan discipline tried to grab Mianmian. He glares at him, showing he wasn't going to forgive nor forget how he isn't following the Lan sect teachings. Even Jiang Cheng gets a punch at him when they escape the cave, angrily asking him why he shot Wei Wuxian.
  • Lan Wangji staying behind to protect Wei Wuxian.
  • Although he soon regrets asking, Wei Wuxian asks Lan Wangji if Lan Xichen, his uncle and everyone at the Cloud Recess was alright. He also does his best to comfort Lan Wangji when he reveals that his father died.
  • As Wei Wuxian sits against a stalagmite burning with a fever, he quietly asks Lan Wangji if he could play him a song to take his mind off of their situation. Although he looks concerned, Lan Wangji obliges and starts playing a song on his improvised guqin strings. He even hums which Wei Wuxian smiles at as he moves his finger to the music. As Wei Wuxian slowly passes out, Lan Wangji looks back to him before the scene cuts to Wei Wuxian waking up at Yunmeng.
    • Even more heartwarming, this was the same song Wei Ying played in order to calm down Wen Ning.

    The Fall of Lotus Pier 
  • Jiang Cheng had apparently spent four days traveling without rest in order to warn the Jiang sect that Wei Wuxian was in trouble and only after he fulfills his goal does he finally collapse out of pure exhaustion.
  • As Madame Yu starts to whip Wei Wuxian repeatedly with Zidian, Jiang Cheng screams out in horror as he yells for his mother to stop hurting Wei Wuxian.
  • Wen Zhuliu charges to attack Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian manages to shove his brother out of the way.
  • Madame Yu making a Heroic Sacrifice so Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian could leave Yunmeng unscathed. Even though her last words to Wei Wuxian were anything but loving, she pours all of her emotions into her final hug with her son, showing that despite the way she treated him, she did love him.
    • Jiang Fengmian returning to Lotus Pier to help Madame Yu, even though he may have been aware that he would not leave alive.
    • Just before the above, the discovery that Yu Ziyuan assigned Jiang Fengmian as a master of Zidian. Despite everything, she still did care for him.
  • While we know how it all ended, there's when Wei Wuxian assures Jiang Cheng that he'll be a great sect leader and that he'll be there to support him. Even Jiang Cheng is moved by his gesture, to the point that even years later, a part of him still wanted Wei Wuxian to honor that promise. If only he had went about it better...
  • Wen Ning doing everything he can even Obfuscating Stupidity so Wen Chao or Wen Zhuliu wouldn't notice Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng hiding nearby.
    • He also is still respectful to the fallen Jiang sect by properly folding their clothes and making sure they at least had their clarity bells on them.

    The Sunshot Campaign 
  • Wen Qing begrudgingly agreeing to hide Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian for her brother's sake.
    • Wen Ning finding Wei Wuxian again and although Wei Wuxian would not have hesitated to kill him, Wen Ning assures him he was on his side. Even when his sister disagrees with his decision because it could get all of them killed, she's startled by her brother's sudden burst of courage as he pleads and begs her to not turn Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian in. He also goes out of his way to look for anything left of Jiang Fengmian and Madame Yu so Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian can have something left of their parents.
  • Unlike the other Wen members, Wen Qing makes it clear to Wei Wuxian her only concern is saving lives, not taking them.
  • Jiang Cheng makes a flashy appearance in front of the other sect leaders, his golden core and confidence restored.
  • Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli's reunion. When he finally sees his sister again, he runs up and hugs her tightly, the two of them nearly crying in joy that they were both safe. They may have lost their home, but their family still remains.
  • Wei Wuxian's reunion with Jiang Cheng in the middle of the war. Sure, it's quickly followed with an emotional argument between the former and Lan Wangji; but at that moment both brothers acted like how they used to before the entire tragedy at Lotus Pier happened, which is rare.
  • After they return to Lotus Pier, Jiang Yanli cheers her brothers up with some much needed lotus soup. They all happily dig in.
  • Wei Wuxian punching Jin Zixuan for insulting Jiang Yanli and does so again when Jin Zixuan accuses Jiang Yanli of lying about preparing his food (she made it herself, but was too embarrassed to give it to him, so she had a servant do it in her steed).

    The Phoenix Mountain Hunt 
  • The audio drama has a scene of Wei Wuxian noticing Jiang Yangli and pointing her out to Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng worries that the observation deck is too high and shouts for her to back up a little and not squeeze through the crowds as he waves at her.
  • A mixture of cuteness and hilarity was that Jin Zixuan was so nervous around Jiang Yanli that both his arms and legs on the same side were swinging in sync.
  • In the donghua when Jin Zixuan realizes too late that a monster was about to attack Jiang Yanli, Wei Wuxian appears alongside Lan Wangji and easily dispatch the creature.
  • During the hunt at Phoenix Mountain, Jiang Yanli stands up for Wei Wuxian and verbally undresses the Jin disciple. She even twists his words into an insult to her sect and brother, telling him to apologize for his rudeness. She makes it clear that while she will tolerate many things, smearing her little brother's character while she's around is something she will never stand for.
    • There's plenty of significance in her referring to Wei Wuxian as her little brother. Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng have a brotherly relationship, and there's one or two times Wei Wuxian would refer to Jiang Cheng as a brother, but there's still some boundaries in their relationship. To Jiang Yanli, however, the lack of blood ties between her and Wei Wuxian doesn't stop her from considering him a second brother. To her, he's not a servant's son, and he's certainly not just her shidi.
  • After the entire argument between Wei Wuxian and Jin Zixun is diffused, Jiang Yanli makes it clear to Jin Zixuan that she's only here because his mother asked for her to come. If he truly doesn't have any feelings towards her, she would gladly move on from him and not look back. It's her words that spurs Jin Zixuan to finally confess to Jiang Yanli that his mother wasn't the one who asked her to come to the hunt — he was the one who made the offer because he wanted to be with Jiang Yanli. His confession shocks all present and Jin Zixuan gets adorably red-faced as he runs away while screaming out of embarrassment. At the end, despite the rocky start in their relationship, Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan do have a happy marriage.

    The Rescue of the Wen Survivors 
  • Jiang Yanli reminiscing with her brothers about the time when they were little when Jiang Cheng got mad at Wei Wuxian for being the reason his dogs were sent away and refused to let Wei Wuxian sleep in his room. So Wei Wuxian tries to sleep outside in a tree with Jiang Yanli searching for him and carrying him on her back. The two then find Jiang Cheng crying in a ditch since he went out to look for Wei Wuxian and apologize. The three of them then promise to protect each other as they got older and eat some of Jiang Yanli's soup.
  • Even though the moment itself is heartbreaking, Wei Wuxian doesn't hesitate to help Wen Qing when the once proud woman is practically begging him to help her brother. He hasn't forgotten that she and her brother are the reason he and Jiang Cheng are still alive today, and he still knows not all the Wens were evil.
  • Although Wei Wuxian and Wen Qing aren't able to save Wen Ning, who was already dead by the time they arrived at Qiongqi Path, Wei Wuxian doesn't hesitate to bring Wen Ning Back from the Dead and command him to kill his murderers. All the while, he gathers all the other survivors in the prison camp and urge them to escape with him. He knows that this action will bring consequences, but he's willing to take them on since he would never leave innocents to die.
  • Mianmian speaking in Wei Wuxian's defense when the other clans start to badmouth him, and when she realizes that everyone is unreasonable, she doesn't hesitate to chew them out before publicly declaring her intentions to leave her sect and storm out the room. She is truly a woman of bravery and honor, and a good example of how even in a world where many believe Might Makes Right, there are a few who know the true value of kindness.
  • A-Yuan's reaction to Jiang Cheng? He runs up to him and hugs his leg, which he only does for people he likes.
    • In the audio drama just hearing A-Yuan giggling and running about is likely to melt the heart of anyone who's listening.

    Reunion in Yiling 
  • Wei Wuxian's affection for Wen Yuan. He likes to tease the boy often and pull pranks on him, such as burying him in the dirt or hanging him from a tree, but there's no denying that he adores Wen Yuan in a brotherly way.
  • Lan Wangji bonding with Wen Yuan, showing that he has a soft spot for children. A-Yuan notices this and after he buys him toys, he happily holds onto his leg, which Wei Wuxian tells Lan Wangji A-Yuan only does that to people he really likes.
    • Even though he treats it as a joke, Wei Wuxian likens the three of them to a family. Lan Wangji as the father with the money, while Wei Wuxian is the mother who "gives the milk".
  • Wei Wuxian offers to treat Lan Wangji to a meal and tells him to order what he wants. Lan Wangji ends up ordering a lot of spicy food, which Wei Wuxian believes he's developed a taste for and some sweet soup for A-Yuan.
  • As they return in a hurry to find Wen Ning has gone mad, Wei Wuxian manages to calm him down with the help of Lan Wangji. When Wen Ning comes to, his sister hugs him and assures him that everything was alright.
  • After Lan Wangji leaves, Wei Wuxian is sad that they always seem to meet and separate on bad terms, but hopes that they would still see each other again.
  • The Wen survivors throwing a celebratory dinner for Wei Wuxian as thanks for him rescuing them and giving them another home. Even when you know that it doesn't last, it's difficult not to feel joy at that moment.
  • After Lan Wangji tells Wei Wuxian about Jiang Yanli's upcoming marriage, Wei Wuxian briefly rambles on about how he had promised his sister he and Jiang Cheng would have thrown her the biggest and grandest wedding ever, since she deserved nothing but the best. When Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng meet Wei Wuxian in secret, Wei Wuxian looks on the verge of happy tears when his sister show's him her wedding gown and telling him she's going to be married.
    • Although Jiang Cheng left Wen Ning outside the grounds, Jiang Yanli opens the doors and offers him a bowl of her soup.
  • Wei Wuxian helping Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng come up with a name for Jiang Yanli's child, Jin Rulan. It's one of the rare times the three of them are together and playing around like they used to.
    • Also more heartwarming is the fact that Jiang Cheng was the one who suggested to Jiang Yanli that Wei Wuxian name her child. He may still be bitter about his brother no longer being at his side, but he's still family and deserves to be a part of this moment he never would have missed otherwise.
  • As Jiang Yanli shows off her wedding gown to Wei Wuxian, both he and Jiang Cheng start showering her in compliments. She sighs and says their opinions on how she looks doesn't matter. So Jiang Cheng asks if she'll only accept the compliments from someone else, which causes her to blush.

    The Ambush at Qiongqi Path 
  • The proud look on Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli's face as they shower their child with love. They also find out that Jin Ling only stops crying when he holds his father's sword.
  • Wei Wuxian's excitement at the invitation and pouring a lot of work (and likely money too) into making a powerful protective charm for Jin Ling. It's so strong even Wen Ning is being pushed away from it!
    • While the events proceeding this moment spiral into tragedy, Wei Wuxian tells Jin Zixun he's in no mood to fight and only wants to see his nephew.
  • The trust between Wei Wuxian and Wen Ning is strong enough that he doesn't even flinch when someone shoots an arrow at him and Wen Ning easily catches it with his bare hand.
  • Though it ends in tragedy, Jin Zixuan shows up to try to defuse the situation. He genuinely invited Wei Wuxian and accepts him as Jiang Yanli's brother, wanting to try to make a start on a more peaceful relationship between Wei Wuxian and the Jin Sect. Shame he's ignorant to just how greedy his father is for power and is reckless when approaching Wei Wuxian in the middle of a battle...

    The Nightless City Attack 
  • Although her death ends up being a Senseless Sacrifice, Wen Qing believed the Jins' would hold true to their word that they'd leave Wei Wuxian and the other Wens alone if she and her brother turned themselves in. Her last words to Wei Wuxian were thanking him for everything he's done to protect her and the other Wens when no one else would.
  • Despite the situation, Lan Wangji still does everything he can to snap Wei Wuxian out of his anger, and doesn't attack him with Bichen. Instead, he just tries to grab his flute out of his hand.
  • Jiang Yanli's presence is certainly a bad thing, especially with her fate, but her presence immediately calms down Wei Wuxian and makes him switch to doing everything he can to protect her, with Jiang Cheng right behind him. Unfortunately, Jiang Yanli ends up taking a lethal blow for Wei Wuxian and all hell breaks loose as a result...
  • Turning his blade on his own sect cannot be easy, but Lan Wangji does that and more to protect Wei Wuxian; he takes him from the battlefield, desperately tries to heal him with spiritual energy, and doesn't give up trying to get through to him despite him being in the middle of a horrible Heroic BSoD and only saying "get out" to him. And it's entirely selfless in the end; Lan Wangji chooses to do everything he can to save Wei Wuxian, but also refuses to fall into the same trap his own father fell into. Though it ends sadly and ultimately was futile, Lan Wangji loves Wei Wuxian too much to do anything else.

Post-Time Skip

    Mo Village 
  • Even though everyone calls Mo Xuanyu a lunatic, and Wei Wuxian certainly is playing into that role, Lan Sizhui is incredibly polite and kind to him. He protects the man from any outward physical abuse from his family and warns him to stay indoors for the night, treating him like person rather than a madman. Even Wei Wuxian is impressed by how well-mannered Lan Sizhui is, and this long before he learns who the young man really is.
  • Despite barely knowing the juniors, Wei Wuxian does his best to stay around and protect them, even at the risk of his identity being exposed.
  • Madame Mo has a momentary lapse of sanity as she recognize's her son's corpse coming at her and refuses to attack. She only goes on a rampage again because the arm began to take over her mind.
  • When Lan Wangji appears in the manhua the Lan Sect juniors are overly fanboying over him which shows how much respect they hold towards him.

    Dafan Mountain 
  • After hearing some cultivators calling for help, Wei Wuxian investigates to find them trapped in Jin Ling's nets with the boy refusing to let them down. So once Wei Wuxian deals with Jin Ling, he uses his sword to cut down the nets.
  • Though it could have blown his cover, Wei Wuxian continues to play his flute in order to send Wen Ning away so the cultivators can't take him in.
  • After Lan Wangji hears Wei Wuxian play the flute, he immediately defends him from Jiang Cheng and even declares that he'll take Wei Wuxian to the Cloud Recesses to protect him from getting tortured, which Jiang Cheng is infamous for doing to any unfortunate demonic cultivator who comes his way.
  • Lan Wangji gets another moment in the donghua. When he protects Wei Wuxian from being apprehended by Jiang Cheng, the latter suspiciously asks why he's going so far to protect a nobody. In the novel, Wei Wuxian quickly interjected by essentially playing the gay card in a half-successful attempt to get both men off his back. But here, Lan Wangji firmly answers that "Mo Xuanyu" used a disputed form of cultivation for noble reasons, and that's more than enough reason for him to be spared. It's likely that even if Lan Wangji didn't recognize Wei Wuxian, he would still do the same thing, because that's the kind of person he is.

    Back to the Cloud Recesses 
  • Lan Xichen noting that Lan Wangji looks happy bringing Wei Wuxian in, which Wei Wuxian is baffled by since Lan Wangji's expression hadn't changed at all.
  • Wei Wuxian waking up and finding Lan Wangji's stash of Emperor's Smile hidden under his floorboards. He laughs and concludes that Lan Wangji must have finally learnt how to relax.
  • Wei Wuxian noticing the herd of rabbits Lan Wangji raised and is amused that a guy like Lan Wangji is fond of them.
  • Lan Qiren doesn't recognize Wei Wuxian, but he still tries to warn him to stay away from the demon arm.

    Xinglu Ridge 
  • Although it was a comedic moment, Lan Wangji doesn't really say anything against Wei Wuxian climbing him like a tree when Fairy scares him. Despite many years ago of him claiming he hates physical touch he allows it for Wei Wuxian, although the other possibility is that he understands Wei Wuxian's cynophobia is out of his control.
  • This happens only in the donghua, but it still counts. When Jin Ling gets mad at the possibility that Wei Wuxian couldn't have been the one to curse Jin Zixun, he angrily asks Lan Wangji why he's defending the Yiling Patriarch. Lan Wangji promptly responds that Wei Wuxian isn't a bad person just because he used demonic cultivation, and that he's someone who wouldn't needlessly take cruel actions. This shocks Wei Wuxian, who has long resigned himself to the belief that everyone hates him and will always blame him, and that all those who did understand him are long dead and gone.
  • Following the scene above, Wei Wuxian gets another stroke of bad luck when he encounters Jiang Cheng, who still suspects him. But as he prepares to strike him with Zidian again, Lan Wangji walks in between the two and wordlessly looks at Jiang Cheng, showing that he's prepared to fight the sect leader if he has to. This mirrors what happened years ago, when Lan Wangji confronted Wei Wuxian over using demonic cultivation and Jiang Cheng firmly told the former that it's none of his business. This time, the tables have turned.
    • After Jiang Cheng decides against pushing his luck and reluctantly leaves, Wei Wuxian plays dumb by expressing the worry that Jiang Cheng is still onto him like a bloodhound to its prey. Lan Wangji simply states that nothing will happen to Wei Wuxian as long as they stick together, to which Wei Wuxian smiles in appreciation.
  • Jin Ling helping Wei Wuxian escape despite fearing his uncle's wrath, because Wei Wuxian saved his life.
  • In the donghua, After finding Wei Wuxian passed out on the ground Lan Wangji carries him to an inn and looks after him until he wakes up. He even buys a full meal to help him recover.
  • Only in the donghua as well, but when Wei Wuxian sees a toy rattle drum, he picks it up to play with it and wonders why it feels so familiar to him. A memory shows him as a child on the streets making straw dolls of his parents to play with in the snow. Lan Wangji who was passing by playing with a toy drum sees Wei Wuxian and unhesitatingly gives the toy to him. Possibly due to Wei Wuxian's poor memory however, Lan Wangi's face is covered in shadow.

    Yi City 
  • The smile on Wei Wuxian's face when he takes out the needles from Wen Ning's head, restoring his original personality.
  • All of the juniors following Wei Wuxian around like chicks that imprinted to their mother, and he doesn't seem to mind acting as their mentor.
  • Although the scene was slightly played for laughs, when some of the juniors are asked by Wei Wuxian to observe A-Qing so they won't be scared, one of the juniors makes a lot of observations about A-Qing's features and compliments her. He notes that she'd actually be very pretty if she were cleaned up a bit. Wei Wuxian applauds the boy's observations and teases him by saying he'd be a romantic when he grows up.
  • Wei Wuxian having full faith that Wen Ning can go toe to toe with Song Lan and win. He even quickly defends Wen Ning when Xue Yang calls him a "thing".
  • A-Qing instantly sticking around Xiao Xingchen because he was nice to her. Even though she was lying to him and partly wanted to accompany him to ensure her own safety, she offers they band together as fellow blind people. He doesn't reject the offer as he smiles and allows her to stay by him, and besides her lie of being blind, she doesn't do anything else to scam him.
  • Ignoring the tragedy in the arc, there's when Xiao Xingchen started buying Xue Yang and A-Qing candy everyday after hearing about Xue Yang's story the previous night. It's a rare moment where no one's tricking or suspecting anybody, and it shows that in an ideal world, it's likely that they would have all been content living together as a family.
  • The hopefulness Song Lan has in his voice when A-Qing confirms that Xiao Xingchen is in Yi City, as he wanted nothing more than to apologize to his former friend. It's only tragoc that he doesn't get the chance...
    • When everything is done and Xue Yang is defeated, Song Lan is given back Xiao Xingchen's sword, and he thanks Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian.
  • The juniors burning paper money for Xiao Xingchen and A-Qing and all of them are mournful over their deaths.
  • During Lan Wangji's second time drunk in the manhua, Wei Wuxian is initially annoyed at Lan Wangji playing tag but he starts squeeing once he sees Lan Wangji peek out from behind the screen not wanting to stop playing. Wei Wuxian then continues to play along, just so he could see Lan Wangji's expression.

    Koi Tower 
  • Wei Wuxian going full Papa Wolf for Jin Ling when the younger cultivator gets into a fight with the other junior Jin disciples. He calmly dispatches one of the bullies and Jin Ling instantly mimics his moves, allowing both of them to take out the group easily.
  • Expecting to get a lecture on how he shouldn't be fighting with others, Jin Ling is surprised when Wei Wuxian instead tells him to get into as many scraps as possible. He cites that when he gets older he'll need to force himself to get along with others, but now is a good time to beat people up as he's still young and he wouldn't feel like he lived a good life without getting into a few scrapes.
  • In the audio drama, Wei Wuxian quietly hums Wangxian as he cuts a paper doll talisman for himself.
  • As he transfers his consciousness into a paper doll, Wei Wuxian plays around with Lan Wangji who then asks him to be careful before he goes.
  • During his forced Empathy with Nie Mingjue, Wei Wuxian sees that he and Jin Guangyao were actually really good friends before his death.
    • There's also a scene taking place after the Sunshot Campagin where Jin Guangyao finds an orphaned baby and gently stops the child from crying. He then asks two guards to try and find the child's parents.
  • In the manhua when he's still looking through Nie Mingjue's memories Wei Wuxian comes across a memory of Lan Wangji and the other sects meeting up and Wei Wuxian squeals in delight when he sees Lan Wangji and even hugs him from behind. He even sees Lan Wangji smile warmly and it causes his face to flush.

    The Second Siege 
  • The unwavering loyalty and trust Lan Sizhui and Jingyi have in Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji even after the events at Koi Tower, where the former's identity is exposed and the latter is branded a traitor for defending him. When the latter duo arrived to rescue them and the other kidnapped juniors, Sizhui is nothing short of overjoyed and Jingyi doesn't think twice about following them.
    • There's also how the two immediately become protective of Wei Wuxian when Jin Ling approaches him, since he previously stabbed Wei Wuxian at Koi Tower and the two feared he might attempt to do it again.
  • The relief in some of the juniors voices as they run back to their sect or family members, with some even returning the sentiment.
  • As all of the other sect leaders rally behind each other as they proclaim they will destroy the Yiling Patriach once and for all, Wei Wuxian only sighs tiredly as he's already expected this outcome. Yet when Lan Wangji calls for his attention, he gently reassures him "I'm here."
    • Even some of the juniors like Ouyang Zizhen stands up for Wei Wuxian in front of the adults when he points out he actually saved the juniors multiple times already.
  • The juniors offering to help Wen Ning collect the ashes of his family, even if Wei Wuxian advises them against it (since they could get corpse poisoning again). Given what just happened, it's a really big gesture on their part.

    Return to Lotus Pier 
  • The juniors defending Wei Wuxian once again against their seniors when the older cultivators quickly forget (or disregard) what Wei Wuxian had just done for them and attempt to decry him once more, with Ouyang Zizhen handily shutting them down by pointing out that Wei Wuxian is the only reason they're all still standing. This time, Wei Wuxian isn't truly alone.
  • As a tired Wei Wuxian starts getting cuddly with Lan Wangji, the juniors unanimously agree to leave the two alone and flee from the cabin. On the upper deck they discuss the two's relationship, but don't see it as a bad thing only that it felt inappropriate for them to stick around.
    • After Wei Wuxian wakes up it's revealed he grabbed Lan Wangji's forehead ribbon in his sleep which he soon returns.
  • Wen Ning realizing who Lan Sizhui was and gently asking if he could refer to him as "A-Yuan". Lan Sizhui lets him and Wen Ning sounds on the verge of happy tears.
    • Then when none of the other juniors dared to sit close to the notorious Ghost General, Lan Sizhui sit beside Wen Ning and the two share a pleasant conversation with Wen Ning noting that Lan Wangji must have taken very good care of him. Even at Lotus Pier Lan Sizhui offers to walk with him and tells him all his childhood stories, especially when Lan Wangji buried him in rabbits. Lan Sizhui then fondly notes how he and Wei Wuxian are actually quite similar.
  • Once he wakes up Wei Wuxian realizes Lan Wangji looked after him and muses how nice it was as he thinks, "Furthermore, if I can get carried by someone, why should I stand?"
  • Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji having a small moment of reprieve after the Second Siege, strolling around Lotus Pier and eventually sharing an embrace, with the former thanking the latter for always being there for him. And Lan Wangji, who's usually averse to Wei Wuxian saying "thank you" to him, wholeheartedly accepts his gratitude.
    • Also incredibly heartwarming was when Wei Wuxian climbed up an tree he had climbed in the past and tells Lan Wangji how he fell from it and Jiang Yanli was unable to catch him. So he ponders on how it would feel since Lan Wangji was here. So he falls and Lan Wangji catches him.
    Wei Wuxian: Didn't you ask me if it hurt when I fell back then? It hurt. So, thank you for today.
    Lan Wangji: (beat) You're welcome.
  • The entire scene is heartbreaking, but it's still touching to see Wen Ning defend Wei Wuxian from Jiang Cheng, even if it meant disobeying one of Wei Wuxian's strictest orders in order to get Jiang Cheng to back off. To Wen Ning, Wei Wuxian's safety takes priority over what he's told to do or not do.
  • Wen Ning thanking Lan Wangji for raising A-Yuan, clearly relieved that despite everything that happened during the First Siege, there was at least someone from his family who survived and grew up well. In return, Lan Wangji is completely civil to Wen Ning, and assures him that he won't tell Wei Wuxian that Jiang Cheng now knows about how he really got back his golden core.

    Guanyin Temple 
  • The reason Jin Ling ended up at the temple? He was looking for Wei Wuxian. For the full story, he wanted to talk to him back in Lotus Pier, but when he realized that Jiang Cheng drove him away, Jin Ling lashed out at his uncle and got hit for it. He chose to sneak out anyway and track Wei Wuxian down. This action is more than indicative that Jin Ling — even if he won't admit it out loud — doesn't hate Wei Wuxian anymore and wanted to have a meaningful talk with him.
  • In the novel as Jin Guangyao is holding a wire around Wei Wuxian's throat, he warns Lan Wangji not to try anything, but all Lan Wangji says to him slowly is, "Do. Not. Touch. Him."
  • What everyone has been waiting for: the Love Confession. After learning that Lan Wangji is in love with him and what he had done out of said love, Wei Wuxian immediately makes it a priority to tell him that he reciprocates his feelings, disregarding the fact that now wasn't the best time and place to confess. Due to their recent misunderstanding, however, Lan Wangji is in a state of both shock and solemn disbelief, so Wei Wuxian properly convinces him of his feelings with a longer and more proper confession.
    Wei Wuxian: You're really great. I like you. Or in other words, I fancy you, I love you, I want you, I can't leave you, whatever you want it to be. I want to night-hunt with you for the rest of my life. And I want to sleep with you every day. I swear it's not the heat of the moment or joking around like I've done in the past. I'm not doing it out of gratitude either. Anyways, it's not because of anything else. I really just like you so much I want to sleep with you. I don't want anyone but you — it can't be anyone but you. You can do anything you want to me, however you like it. I'll accept everything, as long as you're willing to do it with me...
    • Lan Wangji's response is likely to make the reader cry Tears of Joy alongside him, as he tightly hugs Wei Wuxian and repeats fragments of his confession, as if he's making sure that he heard it right and to tell Wei Wuxian that that's also exactly how he feels about him.
  • Even though the last time he and Jiang Cheng spoke, they got into a fight, as Jin Guangyao sends his guqin wires at Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng without hesitation blocks the wires with Zidian while calling out Wei Wuxian's name. This leads to Jiang Cheng getting stabbed by the wires instead. Despite their differences, Jiang Cheng still cares for Wei Wuxian.
    Wei Wuxian: Jin Guangyao wasn't doing a sneak attack on me earlier. It was only a pretense to create an opportunity to attack.
  • Wei Wuxian hugging Jin Ling after Lan Wangji saves the boy from getting killed, and Jiang Cheng sincerely showing gratitude towards Lan Wangji, despite their hostile relationship.
  • Even as a fierce corpse, Nie Mingjue still protects Nie Huaisang when he hears his brother in distress to the point that Wei Wuxian can't control him with Chenching.
  • Jin Ling showing that he's truly forgiven Wei Wuxian by immediately seeking him out after hearing that Wei Wuxian had left the temple. Then when Jiang Cheng makes a sardonic remark about why he didn't stop his old friend from leaving, Jin Ling quickly calls his uncle out for alienating Wei Wuxian with his attitude. Jin Ling has come so far from the Spoiled Brat who got flared up at any mention or even defense of Wei Wuxian.
  • Jiang Cheng finally finds the maturity to let go of Wei Wuxian and let him make his own choices and walk his own path, even if it means accepting that he's no longer a part of Wei Wuxian's life. Given his many flaws and how he's been with his former brother for the past twenty years, it's a remarkably selfless thing for Jiang Cheng to do.
  • The way Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng's relationship is resolved may be bittersweet, and more bitter than sweet even, but there are upsides nevertheless. With Jiang Cheng learning just how much Wei Wuxian had done for him and why he did what he did, the actions Jiang Cheng did following The Reveal (such as giving Chenqing back to Wei Wuxian and refraining from telling him the truth about his capture) hints that after thirteen years of loathing and rage, he can finally start moving on from past grudges and leave his old friend to his peace. And Wei Wuxian, no longer burdened by his conflict with Jiang Cheng, can be truly happy with Lan Wangji without the regret of leaving anything behind. It's easy to see their choice to move on from each other and walk separate paths as tragic, but they're both looking forward to the future than back at the past, which — given all that they've been through — is already more than enough.

  • Lan Sizhui revealing to both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji that he remembers who he was as Wen Yuan before hugging both of them.
    • Keep in mind that this is "reunion" means more to Wei Wuxian than you might initially realize. Wei Wuxian became the cultivation world's number one enemy after he rescued and sheltered the Wen survivors, and died while trying to protect them and destroy the Stygian Tiger Amulet. However, by this point the reader knows what happened to the survivors, making everything that Wei Wuxian did and went through for their sake All for Nothing. Wei Wuxian is most definitely shocked and overjoyed to realize that the child he had doted on years ago was alive all this time, and that he was raised with capable and loving hands, but that's not all there is to it. This meta explains it best, with the entire explanation being capped off with this line.
      In saving Sizhui, Lan Wangji didn't just save the closest thing Wei Wuxian had to a son, he saved his legacy.
  • Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji meeting Mianmian, now married and with a daughter. It's heartwarming since to Wei Wuxian, he's seeing a face that doesn't twist in scorn or fear at the sight of him. To Lan Wangji, it's second encounter with the only other person he knows that stood up for Wei Wuxian when no one else did. Regardless of his jealousy from Wei Wuxian past flirtations with Mianmian, he genuinely respects the woman.
    • Mianmian's fate is also heartwarming, especially when you consider what happens to almost every other important female character in the story, such as Jiang Yanli and Wen Qing. Mianmian actually benefited more from leaving her sect, now that she's found a man who's not involved with the cultivation world but genuinely loves her enough to even leave his job and join her on night-hunts.


Novel Extras

    Extra 1: Banquet 
  • Lan Wangji is the only one who would visit his brother every now and then and attempt to comfort him through his sadness, much like how Lan Xichen had done for him in his three years of seclusion. Even with no clear sign of Lan Xichen getting better, at least his younger brother will always be there for him.
  • The novel describes Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji's morning routine where Lan Wangji would wake up first and bathe and prepare Wei Wuxian, all the while Wei Wuxian would pepper his face and hands with gentle kisses. It doesn't seem like much, but it goes to show just how peaceful they are. This becomes more meaningful when you remember how Wei Wuxian always felt that he had to be careful no matter whose home he stayed in, but he doesn't have to worry about anything anymore.
  • Even though Wei Wuxian doesn't like the idea of a Lan banquet, equating it to being more somber than a funeral, he still goes through with it for Lan Wangji's sake because he knows how important rules are to his husband and tries to be on his best behavior. Lan Wangji even does small things for Wei Wuxian like eating the Lan soup he found too bitter to drink, and later on cooking him food he actually likes to make up for it.
  • Wei Wuxian asking the juniors about how Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling are doing. It's a small touch, but it still reflects how there's still some care for his former brother even after they've become strangers.
  • Wen Ning being protective of the juniors by following them from a distance in case they get in danger. Likewise, Jiang Cheng does the same for his nephew.

    Extra 2: Incense Burner 
  • When the protagonists are first affected by the eponymous incense burner and enter each other's dreams, they first get to see Wei Wuxian's dream. In said dream, both had retired to the countryside and are living a domestic life, with Wei Wuxian farming and hunting and Lan Wangji doing the housework. Lan Wangji muses that such a life would be pleasant and assures Wei Wuxian that it's not a boring dream.
  • The third time around, Wei Wuxian enters Lan Wangji's dreams and sees when the latter pleaded with Lan Xichen to keep the rabbits Wei Wuxian gave him, even claiming that he promised he would take care of them despite never saying such.

    Extra 4: Intrusion 
  • The majority of this extra has the feel of a family trip. Even though his parents are embarrassing to him, Lan Sizhui dearly enjoys spending time with him and them with him.
  • While having a conversation about how most servants are treated poorly, Lan Wangji and Lan Sizhui worry about how Wei Wuxian might feel about it, since he faced a lot of difficulties from his status as a servant's son. When he assures them that he's not badly affected by it anymore, Lan Wangji consoles him anyway with a hug, and Sizhui is visibly relieved.

    Extra 5: Iron Hook 
  • Wei Wuxian and Jin Ling talking casually and being on much better terms than before, proving that Jin Ling has truly and completely forgiven him. They've even become close enough that he lets Wei Wuxian call him "A-Ling", with Jin Ling not protesting to the name in any way.
  • Even after the events of Yi City and the Second Siege, Wei Wuxian still accompanies the junior cultivators in some of their night-hunts. While the Second Siege arc has shown it already, the fact that the newest generation of cultivators aren't repeating their predecessors' mistake of being prejudiced against Wei Wuxian is reassuring.
  • Although some juniors like Lan Jingyi and Jin Ling himself would never admit it, and they still refer to Jin Ling as "young mistress", they've all become closer to each other and this extra highlights that Jin Ling now has friends he can rely on.

    Extra 6: Lotus Seed Pod 
  • Though it is bittersweet knowing it does not last, it's very nice to see a relaxing summer day for Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng, along with their fellow disciples, in Lotus Pier back before things got complicated.
  • Jiang Yanli distracting and calming her mother from unfairly punishing Wei Wuxian further by offering her some of the watermelon.
  • The extra shows that not all ghosts are out to cause havoc or death as the one Wei Wuxian and the other Jiang disciplines catch is harmless and once Wei Wuxian realizes this he gladly lets it go. The old man who watches over the lotus pond is actually nice to the ghost, giving it lotus seed pods to eat in exchange for the ghost helping move his boat around faster.
  • Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji doing handstands together and the approach of the rabbits. Lan Xichen gently teases his brother over the rabbits and it's very obvious that Lan Wangji cares for the rabbits very much.
  • On the way to getting fresh lotus pods, Lan Wangji stops to help some people along the way just because it's the right thing to do. You can see where he started his "being among the chaos" reputation.
  • Even though it could have gotten her in trouble, the lady working at the lake decides to let Lan Wangji pick some lotus pods after hours because he looked so determined and because he lived so far away. He later leaves a vase of lotus seed pods on the walkway of Long-Dan Xiao-Zhu.
  • After his brother returns Lan Xichen says it just so happened that their uncle ordered some lotus pod seeds to be brought to the Cloud Recess. Lan Wangji says that the stemmed ones do taste better, and Lan Xichen makes note to ask for stemmed lotus pod seeds next time. The two brothers then share the pods Lan Wangji harvested.

    Extra 7: Dream Come True 
  • The entirety of the extra counts, since we get to see how Happily Married our favorite couple is. From Wei Wuxian having Lan Wangji try all kinds of food, to Lan Wangji revealing that he's been learning how to cook for Wei Wuxian and wordlessly proclaiming his love for him in a ring-toss game, the list goes on and on.
  • In the audio drama, you can hear Lan Wangji smiling a lot more than he normally would have, all because of Wei Wuxian.
  • The author's notes at the end of the chapter even revealed that Lan Wangji used to dream of the two of them doing such things together. After a long time of believing that would never happen, not even after he knew that Wei Wuxian came back to life, he finally gets to experience it. There's a reason why the title of the chapter is Dream Come True.

    Taiwan Extra: From Dawn to Dusk 
  • The entire extra is basically just Wangxian at night, filled with Wei Wuxian being spoiled by Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian praising and giving feedback on the juniors after returning from a night-hunt, and generally being a couple.

Audio Drama Extras

    Season 1 
  • "Ants": When Lan Wangji sees Wei Wuxian kneeling (as punishment for getting into a brawl with Jin Zixuan) and shaking, he assumes that the latter is crying and offers to reason with his uncle. Not that it lasts since it turns out Wei Wuxian was just giggling while digging an ant hill, but the sentiment still counts.
  • "Director": Wei Wuxian playing with the children who are pretending to be some of the most prominent cultivators that contributed to the Sunshot Campaign. Even with the knowledge that the entire public sees him as a villain, Wei Wuxian doesn't mind giving tips to the kids about the characters they're roleplaying as, even having a particular fondness for the boy who's pretending to be Lan Wangji.
  • "Glutinous Rice Porridge": While the whole thing is Played for Laughs, Lan Jingyi gives Wei Wuxian a single point because he acknowledges that the man's porridge saved him from turning into a living corpse, Lan Sizhui is audibly coughing from the spices but still gives his senior a generous score of eight points, and Lan Wangji of course gives his husband a perfect score even though he can be heard struggling in eating the porridge.
    • Jiang Cheng even makes an appearance. While this episode is non-canon, as their relationship in this extra is nothing like their end-game relationship in canon, it's still nice to see him and Wei Wuxian having a bit of brotherly teasing going on between each other such as when he gives Wei Wuxian three points because he can.
  • "Fear of Dogs": Despite how they always tended to get into a fight due to Wei Wuxian constantly breaking the rules, Lan Wangji cuts Wei Wuxian some slack when he comes upon him (who was sneaking wine into the Cloud Recesses once again) running from a dog and screaming his out his lungs from fear. Lan Wangji shoos the dog away, but he doesn't blow Wei Wuxian's cover even when other disciples start inquiring about the noise. And while he waits for Wei Wuxian to get down the tree for some time, when Wei Wuxian manages to slip away moments later, Lan Wangji just lets the matter pass.

    Season 2 
  • "Drunk": The entire episode is more of a gut-buster than anything else as it portrays the Lan brothers acting hilariously out-of-character while they're intoxicated. But one can't help but go "Awwww," at Lan Xichen approaching his little brother and asking if he's depressed before offering to do anything that would cheer him up. Bonus points for him calling Lan Wangji "didi", which is a very affectionate term for "younger brother".
  • "Lap Pillow": Even though he denies doing such a thing, Lan Wangji actually did have Wei Wuxian rest on his lap while the latter was sleeping. He acts warmer and gentler than his usual aloof self, and doesn't mind in the slightest when Wei Wuxian groggily asks for him to either adjust his head or tend to his sore muscles.

    Season 3 
  • "Love Letters": Jiang Yanli finds Jin Zixuan holding a letter and asks if it's for their son, he admits he wrote it for her a long time ago but never found the right time to give it to her. He reads the contents out loud, and basically confesses his love to her in a cheesy albeit earnest and heartfelt manner. In spite of her amusement at her husband's dorky side, she shows that she nevertheless appreciates the gesture.
  • "Tossing Flowers": The ghost ladies that Wei Wuxian has around him during the Yunmeng Visit are treated like friends of his that he is hanging out with. They act like normal maidens of their age, being interested in handsome men and wanting to give them flowers. On Wei Wuxian's side he's very casual with them and sympathetic towards the one ghost who died before her wedding. This short also reveals that though not conscious of why, Wei Wuxian very well knew the meaning of the flowers he arranged for Lan Wangji to get and, in particular, the peony he tossed down himself.
  • "A-Yuan and Rabbits": This is a bittersweet episode, since it takes place in the aftermath of Wei Wuxian's death. It's clear that Lan Wangji is still in mourning for Wei Wuxian, but it doesn't stop him from caring for Wen Yuan — now Lan Yuan — as best as he can. The courtesy name he even chooses for him reflects his decision to honor Wei Wuxian's memory, something that almost no one else left alive would be doing for him.
  • "Eating Watermelons":
    • It's certain that Wei Wuxian's life on the streets wasn't easy. But this extra does let you know that even before Jiang Fengmian took him in, there were some people who showed him kindness. For example, one vendor wanted to give the young boy some food free of charge, except that his wife nagged him about doing so since they wouldn't profit from it. And then there's another vendor who always makes sure to leave some watermelon scraps for Wei Wuxian to eat.
    • Whether or not you think about the constant infighting that eventually occurred because of the parents' constant disagreements over Wei Wuxian, as well as Jiang Cheng's own feelings of inadequacy originating from the comparisons between him and Wei Wuxian, it's hard to not smile at the moment when Wei Wuxian first met Jiang Fengmian, who immediately recognized him as Wei Changze's son and offered to take him back to Lotus Pier.
    • A small detail, but as they both walk back home together, Jiang Fengmian notes to Wei Wuxian about how he has a son of his own and that they could be good friends. He certainly wasn't the best father to Jiang Cheng, but moments like this showed that he did care for his son in his own way.
  • "Gifting a Dog": After Jin Ling gets into a fight with the other kids, who made fun of him being parentless and tried to take his sword, he starts to trash his whole room in tears. Jin Guangyao hears the commotion and tries to talk to Jin Ling, but leaves when he realizes his nephew needs to cool off. When Jin Ling hears a knock on his door later, he sees a small puppy who Jin Guangyao asks to look after and to give a name to. He may have been a conniving man, but Jin Guangyao did show some care to his nephew by gifting him Fairy, who soon became Jin Ling's only friend.

Chibi Mini Series

  • For the 2 year anniversary of the donghua's release, Wei Wuxian gifts Lan Wangji a flower to celebrate. Lan Wangji ears flush as he thanks Wei Wuxian and Wei Wuxian in turn blushes as well and is about to say something when Lan Jingyi and Jin Ling run by chasing Wen Ning, ruining the moment.
  • A lot of moments between Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji show the latter smiling softly a lot more and even blushing a lot around Wei Wuxian.


    Cornetto Advertisements 
  • One ad has Wei Wuxian enjoying ice cream while relaxing under a tree with Lan Wangji. When they end up on the roof later, Wei Wuxian is reminded of the time when they first met and playfully offers Lan Wangji the ice cream like how he had offered a jar of Emperor's Smile to Lan Wangji in the past. And this time, Lan Wangji smiles and extends a hand.
  • Another ad has Lan Wangji quietly preparing an ice cream dish laced with chili peppers for Wei Wuxian. Lan Jingyi even wonders aloud why Lan Wangji was making an ice cream using the Yiling Patriarch's colors.
  • There's also when Wei Wuxian eats ice cream with Jin Ling, and at one point Wei Wuxian reminisces of the time he had the same dessert with Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli.

    Stop-Motion Skits 
  • The stop-motion extra where Lan Wangji comes upon Wei Wuxian using demonic cultivation, and thinks that something dangerous is happening. As it turns out, Wei Wuxian is actually cleaning up the place to set up a feast for Lan Wangji's birthday, complete with a cake, a "Happy Birthday" sign, and the trademark birthday song. Touched by the gesture, Lan Wangji gives Wei Wuxian a smile.
  • In the April Fool's video although Wei Wuxian was pranking Lan Wangji when he sees him trip and fall on his face, he immediately rushes out from his hiding place to check on him.
  • As Lan Wangji walks down a hall holding a toy rattle drum, he briefly looks down at it and smiles. After some ghost shenanigans, Wei Wuxian saves Lan Wangji and goes over to him to make sure he's okay. After nodding, Lan Wangji dusts himself off and accidentally drops the toy. Wei Wuxian picks it up and Lan Wangji gestures for him to keep it, leading to Wei Wuxian to continue to happily play with it. Even cuter is that Lan Wangji's ears are flushing.

    Official Art 
  • This post from the donghua's Weibo account, which shows an image of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji planting while Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, and Wen Ning fly paper kites in the background. Anyone who has read the novel can tell that this is set after the epilogue, and it's always nice to get a glimpse of the group in domestic bliss in the Cloud Recesses.


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