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Heartwarming / Miss Sherlock

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  • Although Sherlock ruins it later, the opening scene for "Sachiko's Mustache" with her playing the cello as Wato and Mrs. Hatano makes breakfast is a calm, domestic affair.
  • After seven episodes of "She's not my friend!" Sherlock finally gives a speech admitting that Wato is her first and only friend in "The Dock". Sherlock trusts Wato enough to press her body against the muzzle and her hands on Wato's, saying that she'd rather have Wato shoot her than anyone else. Wato reciprocates by fighting the brainwashing, and Sherlock follows up by plummeting with Irikawa off a building, ostensibly laying down her life for Wato to be free.
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  • Savvy viewers familiar with "The Sussex Vampire" might assume that the boy is the ultimate culprit in "The Wakasugi Family". Not so. He genuinely wants to help his little sister get better, and earnestly tells his mother he would be protecting her - and thereby doing the hugging - at the end.
  • Sherlock's playful interactions with Kento being more along the line of friendly bickering rather than The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry (à la Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.) Case in point: the mild disagreement over which kind of tea Wato should get for the expensive chocolate.
    • Kento geeking out over said chocolate is nothing short of adorable, in the vein of the Sherlock meme about Mycroft and cake.

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