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Heartwarming / Miss Congeniality

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  • The day of the competition, the FBI has pulled the plug on the operation, but Gracie stays behind because she feels that the pageant girls are still in danger. She shows up looking like a disaster, and when Cheryl realizes she's completely helpless without Victor, she shouts out "Ladies!" and all the other girls descend and, despite all being stressed and in a rush, immediately start helping her with her hair and makeup. Doubly so when you remember these girls are her competition, and it would only help them to leave her cut adrift, but they still refused to leave her behind.
  • Miss New York shouting words of encouragement to "all the lesbians out there!" and screaming, "I love you!" to her girlfriend, even as she's being dragged offstage.
    • Gracie's response to this is to start clapping and cheering in support after a bout of Stunned Silence.
  • When Gracie tries to get the crown rigged with explosives off of Cheryl's head, everyone thinks she's gone mad with jealousy and is attacking Cheryl. Miss Texas attacks Gracie in retaliation and gets a punch in the nose for it. Mary Jo has been shown to be a bit bitchy and wasn't very graceful about her own defeat but she still rushed to Cheryl's aid when it looked like she needed it.
    • The ending shows her hugging Gracie during the Miss Congeniality ceremony, suggesting that she understands why Gracie punched her and doesn't bear a grudge over it.

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