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Heartwarming / Misfiled Dreams

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What are you doing here? There are spoilers here! Go back and read the stories first.

Chapter 2 A Midwinter Night's Dream

  • At the end, Emily wakes from a terrifying nightmare about Ash and herself getting into a deadly accident racing to get to the hospital where her mother is to discover Ash isn't dead. She kisses Ash and finally admits to Ash that she loves her.

Chapter 3 After the Dream

  • Ash and Emily have their first Shower of Love
    Emily smiled, tittering softly, turning within Ash’s embrace and reaching up, sliding one finger along Ash’s lips.
    “Did I say anything about taking turns?”
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  • After retrieving Marie from the hospital, Ash and Emily share a bed for the first time, leading to this conversation:
    Emily murmured softly, and Ash continued, “I love you… I… I want to be everything you want me to be, but I’m afraid… I’m afraid I’m not…”
    Emily silenced her with another finger on the lips. “Ash? You’re perfect. Stop doubting yourself.”
    Then Emily opened her eyes and leaned up to look into Ash’s expressive green orbs. “You’re confident, but not so confident you won’t listen. You’re strong, but not so strong you scare me. And you’re warm, and soft…” She smiled and leaned back into Ash. Sliding a soft, gentle caress over Ash’s side, over her curving figure, and down her hip, Ash blushed hotly. “I enjoy this, Ash. You’re wonderful, really.”

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