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Heartwarming / Mirai of the Future

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Given the movie is about a young boy learning to accept his new infant sister, there are always going to be heartwarming moments.

  • The opening title sequence with a montage of family photos depicting Yukko as a puppy and Kun as a newborn/baby/toddler.
  • Kun in general when he's not sulking or having a tantrum.
  • Kun's first glimpse of his as-yet-unnamed sister, he can only gasp and stare in amazement and offer her his finger and she grips it, prompting her to open her eyes.
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  • Baby Mirai and whenever Kun looks at her with a positive expression.
  • Kun running around the house as a human/dog hybrid after removing Human Yukko's tail and attaching it to his own body.
  • Kun and baby Mirai's near-identical sleeping positions.
  • The photos of Kun's mother and her brother as kids.
  • Kun meeting his mother as a child and the fun they have together until they realise the extent of the resulting mess.
  • The older boys at the park averting Kids Are Cruel by offering to help Kun ride his bike, and showing concern for him when he starts crying for his dad.
  • Kun riding a horse and a motorcycle with his great-grandfather as a means of helping him gain coinfidance on his bicycle.
    • Kun successfully learning to ride his bicycle following said encounter, his father is driven to tears since he never learned to ride one himself as Kun later finds out.
  • Kun rescuing baby Mirai from the Lonely Train as he finally acknowledges he is her brother.
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  • Kun and Future Mirai witnessing the memory of Kun's great-grandfather racing his future wife despite the fact that he's still limping and in pain due to his injured leg.
  • Teen!Kun giving Teen!Mirai a packed lunch and telling her to be more careful about remembering to eat, she offers him a banana to thank him but he refuses.
  • Kun offering baby Mirai a banana after witnessing the above exchange and the camaraderie that follows. Mirai even smiles at him - her first smile as a baby in the movie and it was for her big brother.


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